Featured Image, above: 5th grade teacher Mrs. Owens reads a Dr. Seuss book to PALCS students

If you were a fly on the wall at any of the PALCS offices this past Friday, March 2, you would have seen what we mean when we say there is always something going on within the PALCS community! Students from all different grades and their families gathered at PALCS offices across the state for different events and activities that took place throughout the day.

First up was the 2018 PALCS High School Open House, where the high school faculty of PA Leadership invited students and their parents/guardians to both the main office in West Chester and the Western Regional Center in Pittsburgh for an afternoon of activities, lunch, and bonding with their teachers. There were even activities for the high school students’ parents, including a guest speaker.

Next was the Middle School Connect event, taking place at both the Advanced Ideas Center (AIC) in West Chester, PA as well as at the Western Regional Center. Students in grades 6-8 were invited to PALCS offices: in the west, students participated in “Read Across America Day” activities. In the east, students gathered for an afternoon fun with video and board games.

Our popular Book Buddies activity groups in the east and west came to PALCS offices to help us celebrate the importance of reading on none other than Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. Students in grades K-5 joined with teachers and staff in fun and engaging reading and writing activities to honor the beloved author on his birthday. The Western Regional Center even had a special visitor that day, with Henni the Therapy Dog returning for a visit. Students were encouraged to bring a book with them that they would like to read to Henni.

All in all, March 2nd was an exceptional day here at PALCS and in our community. The day was full of socializing, bonding, learning and educational fun! Thank you to all the students and their families who came out to the events, as well as all the teachers and staff who helped organize and host the events. It truly is a group effort, and without such dedicated parents/guardians, teachers and staff, it would not be possible. PALCS families, be sure to check PALCSchool and your school calendar for upcoming events and activity group meeting details!