Because PA Leadership features an interactive, media-intensive curriculum, having reliable technology and skilled IT staff available to every student is vital to their academic success. PALCS is proud to provide each student who enrolls with a computer system he or she can rely on, as well as easy access to technicians ready to help. All of our computers are stable, secure, and supported by PALCS employees.


Every student computer is set up by our IT staff with the necessary software and programs your child needs to begin working. Updates and software patches are sent out automatically to each system, as needed. The IT professionals at PALCS can even use remote assistance while talking to you to repair a problem with your school computer while it is still plugged in at your home.


One of our goals at PALCS is to provide a safe learning environment on the computer hardware we provide your student. In an effort to achieve this goal, we install and maintain content filtering software to protect your student from unsafe and inappropriate websites. We also install software designed to protect your student’s computer from viruses, spyware, and other harmful programs.


Our dedicated, on-site Help Desk is available every week to help students with any technology issues or questions that may arise. The Help Desk works hard to minimize downtime for students and enable them to resolve problems quickly so they can return to their schoolwork. The PALCS Help Desk routinely receives tech support approval ratings between 94-96% from parents and students.

The Tech Support department has also created a website specifically for you to address computer usage questions and training for our school site. The site is available to both current and prospective PALCS families, because we want you to feel comfortable with technology. Visit our Tech Support site to start learning.

Meet the IT Department