It’s that time of year again! A time where we as a school join together to recognize our dedicated students who have excelled in their studies and have made the honor roll in the 3rd marking period, which took place from January 26th to March 31st this year.

The 3rd marking period can be challenging for many students as they may feel that this is their last chance to turn things around before the final marking period of the year. We are extremely proud to announce that not only have our students kept up with their grades and school work but the number of students who have made honor roll has increased since the last marking period. Typically, as the year progresses, the workload and pressure to succeed increases, the honor roll list tends to decrease. However, PALCS students have excelled and the number of honor roll student’s has increased, with 1,048 students being recognized for their dedication and hard work.

At PALCS, the honor roll is separated into 3 groups: Distinguished, for students who received all A’s; Honors, for students who received all A’s and B’s; and Merit, for students who have received all A’s, B’s, and no more than one C.

Between elementary, middle and high school, there were a total of 420 students who earned a Distinguished Certificate, 433 students who earned an Honors Certificate and 195 students who earned a Merit Certificate.

The complete list of all students who have made honor roll is available to currently enrolled students and parents on the PALCSchool homepage. Certificates are being sent out this week.
PALCS would like to congratulate all of the students who have earned a certificate in marking period three. Keep up the great work and remember that it is never too late to turn things around if you are struggling! Take advantage of all the resources at your disposal, reach out to your teachers or guidance counselor, as their goal is for you to succeed. Ask for help, actively seek out ways to improve your grades and you will succeed! We would like to that all of our students, teachers and supportive families for all of their continued hard work, not only during this making period but the entire year!