The second marking period of any school year tends to be one of the most challenging. As students and teachers really get into the routine of things, workloads increase and become more difficult. Which is why we are so incredibly proud to announce that over 40% of our students have earned an honor roll certificate in the second marking period.

Here at PALCS, the honor roll is separated into 3 groups: Distinguished, for students who received all A’s; Honors, for students who received all A’s and B’s; and Merit, for students who have received all A’s, B’s, and no more than one C.

Between elementary, middle and high school, there were 485 students on the Distinguished list, 486 students on the Honors list, and 186 students on the Merit list.

The complete list of all students who have made honor roll is available to currently enrolled students and parents in the PALCSchool lobby. Certificates will be sent out within the next few weeks.

Congratulations to all of our students who have earned a certificate in the second marking period. We are so incredibly proud of all of your hard work! Keep it up, and remember that if you didn’t make honor roll this marking period, it is never too late! There is room for each and every one of our wonderful students on the honor roll, and we are so honored to help you get there!