Each month, PALCS celebrates students who demonstrate outstanding character, service, or academic improvement and performance. Let’s take a look at a small handful of our excellent students who have been nominated since December! Our students are amazing and should be celebrated.


Diana F., Grade 10 – Nominated by Mrs. DiSciullo
“Diana maintained an A average despite her medical issues. Diana worked hard to stay current with work after surgery. She is an amazing, dedicated and motivated student. Kudos for making school a priority with everything else you had to deal with.”

Mackenzie R., Grade 9 – Nominated by Ms. DeGuzman
“Mackenzie went above and beyond during the last term and almost doubled the baseline in her progress from the end of Marking Period 1 to the first progress check of Marking Period 2. She also submits consistently excellent work. I know she can achieve her dreams of teaching in Korea! Keep going, Mackenzie!”


Kathryn S., Grade 12 – Nominated by Mr. DiCicco
“Kathryn is doing a great job this school year! She has earned not only straight A’s, but nearly straight 100’s in her courses over the first two marking periods! Wow! In Consumer Mathematics, Kathryn goes above and beyond the requirements for projects. She is demonstrating an excellent understanding of the financial topics that we have been learning about this year. Keep up the great work Kathryn!”

Garrett M., Grade 12 – Nominated by Ms. Walsh
“From joining PALCS partway through the year, Garrett has overcome a lot and worked very hard to make his senior year a success! He stays on top of his work, regularly attends virtual lessons, and checks in for clarification. I will be proud to see him walk at graduation!”


Holly R., Grade 11 – Nominated by Mr. Madison
“Holly has really outdone herself this quarter. In the third quarter she has her best two progress check grades of her year. Her effort is really paying off! Way to go Holly.”

Gabby J., Grade 11 – Nominated by Ms. A
“Gabby has balanced a lot outside of school this year. However, she has worked very hard this last Marking Period to be consistent in her English assignments and persevere. It does not go unnoticed and I am very proud of her. She demonstrates a positive attitude for learning and submits quality work.”


Kiree W., Grade 9 – Nominated by Ms. Hollenbach
“Kiree is working very hard to be successful in class. He attends every class and is social and helps other students with the lab content. He makes sure to put forth his best efforts and best work and doesn’t settle for rushed work just to get something done.”

Layla R.,Grade 10 – Nominated by Ms. Sammarone
“I have watched Layla (Lei) push herself this year and show how excellent of a student she is capable of being. I am so proud of her and impressed by the amount of progress that she has made over the course of the school year. She really pushed through and earned great grades and also contributed great discussion and thoughts to our live lessons. Keep up the great work!!”

Over 150 PALCS high school students have been nominated as Students of the Month since December 2018. We are extremely proud of all of our students and the achievements they have made. Keep up the excellent work, we are so proud of you.

If you are an enrolled PALCS family, log in to PALCSchool to view the full list of nominated students. If you are a prospective family, and would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The PALCS Information Team would love to talk with you today.
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