Request PALCS Transcripts (PDF)

For current and former PALCS students, download the PALCS Transcript Request Form PDF format or RTF format and follow the included form directions to receive a copy of your PALCS transcript.

The guidance department at PA Leadership provides students with developmental, educational, preventative and responsive services, while encouraging and supporting learning and achievement. Our comprehensive guidance department is fully staffed with a counselor for each grade level to better serve the needs of our families.

Our high school counselors each work with one grade level and then move up as students progress through their academic journey from ninth grade through twelfth grade. This unique feature allows each counselor to build a strong rapport with students for the duration of their high school experience.

Our elementary and middle school counselors love working with growing students, helping them learn about themselves, their interests, and improving study habits.

Just because we are not in the same building doesn’t mean students can’t pay us a visit! Each guidance counselor is available via phone calls, messaging, or chat rooms. Instead of the guidance office, each counselor has created a digital guidance course rich with information and resources for both parents and students. Some of our information about college readiness is available to the public on our guidance blog.

Maybe you have a question about how to prioritize assignments, or maybe you need help writing a college admission essay. No matter what the issue, please know we are here for you!

Meet the Guidance Department