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In order to graduate from Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, students must successfully complete all of the following:

3.5Social Studies, including 1 credit of US History or US Government
3.0Science, including 1 credit of Biology
1.0Arts and Humanities
1.0Health/Safety/Physical Education
4.0Electives, may be core courses

Students are also required to successfully complete a 0.5 credit Graduation Portfolio for each year they are enrolled.

PALCS Graduation

21.0 Total Minimum Required Credits for Graduation

Additional Suggested Credits

In addition to the above PALCS requirements, college-bound students are encouraged to take:

  • An additional credit of Mathematics
  • An additional credit of Science
  • An additional credit of Social Studies
  • At least two consecutive years of the same foreign language

The PALCS guidance department will work with students individually to create a solid academic portfolio based on future career goals.

Keystone Test Requirements

At the present time, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is requiring all students to participate in Keystone Exams following completion of course work in Algebra I, Biology and Literature. Completion of these exams is an additional graduation requirement.

Students in the class of 2020 and beyond are required to score proficient or advanced on the Keystone Exams in order to graduate. Pennsylvania also requires students who did not score proficient on a Keystone Exam to participate in supplemental instruction prior to re-taking the Keystone exam. PALCS will provide additional instruction for students who wish to score proficient and did not on their first two attempts.

The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School will continue to abide by the regulations and make any changes to the Keystone Exam requirements as directed by the Department of Education.