PA Leadership Charter School understands the importance of connecting our students socially. In addition to online student activities and clubs, PALCS organizes field trips throughout the school year, all over Pennsylvania and beyond.

Our field trips are both educational and engaging for the whole family. Students will have the opportunity to meet their peers and some of the PALCS faculty.
We like to offer a variety of field trips that have included: science centers, museums, zoo’s, sporting events, national monuments, national gardens and behind the scenes tours.

For families and students interested in the arts, we have attended plays, symphonies, ballets and we have also dressed up for the Renaissance Faire.
For students interested in animal science and biology:

We have visited both the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia zoos, along with some smaller zoo’s such as Lehigh Valley and Elmwood Zoo that have been sanctioned as Species Survival Plan Programs  for animals in danger of extinction. And the Whitacker Center to watch a live (through video) surgery. Check out a highlight reel of our field trips.

Whether it’s the end-of-year picnic, a trip the museum, or connecting to other families with the Parent Network, PALCS offers many ways to meet others in your community.

If you’d like to see more activities we have to offer see our complete list of field trips and events from last school year.