We hope as you are settling into the new school year, you are looking forward to the wonderful activities and field trips we have planned this year! As a cyber school, many think that the importance of socialization just goes out the window, but here at PALCS, we make it a priority! We encourage all students and PALCS families to take advantage of as many as they can!

We hold many field trips, events, clubs, and on-site activities throughout the year, not only so we can meet our students in person, but also so our students and families can meet each other and build a community!

Are you a new family this year, or are you looking to find some fellow PALCS families to connect with? Then parents, be sure to join and stay active in our PALCS Parent Network, which is run on Google+ and is exclusive to families who have a student currently enrolled in PALCS. We have seen so many wonderful connections made between families on our parent network and have found that it truly is a wonderful resource to use to help build a community.

Does your student have an interest in a particular subject? We have our monthly on-site “Book Buddies” program that alternates with “Got Science” each month. Students in grades K-5 are invited to come on-site to either our Advanced Ideas Center in West Chester or our Western Regional office in Pittsburgh to participate in an afternoon of hands-on educational fun! For middle school, we have our middle school connect club for students in grades 6-8 looking to get involved, and our chapters of national honor society and national junior honor society bridge grades 6-12. For high school students interested in social studies, our student government is a great way to get involved in leadership, and even our student newspaper, The Talon, runs through our Journalism class!

Perhaps you are looking for some fun and ways to connect with other students and PALCS families. In that case, we encourage you to attend an event or field trip! PALCS hosts dozens of field trips throughout the school year all over the state. In the past, we have gone on trips to the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia zoos, science centers, museums, sporting events, cultural events, films festivals, on site-tours, factories, farms, orchards and much more! We have many recurring annual events throughout the school year as well, like our beginning-and-end-of-the-year picnics! We have on-site holiday events, like trick-or-treating in the office or the holiday decorating contests. Semester dances and socials, our annual Prom, which we hold every year on both sides of the state, as well as a full cap-and-gown graduation ceremony and reception held every year in Lancaster, PA.

There is always something going on or some way to get involved at PALCS! You can find upcoming events, field trips, and any activities that are happening within the community on your PALCSchool Calendar. We can’t wait to meet you at the events and field trips this year! It is so rewarding to meet our students and their families and hear how PALCS has impacted their lives.

If you would like to join the fun and are not currently enrolled, you can start the process on our enrollment page.