PALCS Fast Facts

PALCS Fast Facts are small information bullets that you will find on different parts of the website. The fast facts highlight students, teachers or general facts about PALCS.

Since 2004, PALCS has been making a difference in students lives. Be sure to check out our blog for more information.

  1. Talented PALCS students have performed on many stages and have been heard on the radio across the state. Students have even performed at prestigious Carnegie Hall and on Broadway in New York City.
  2. PALCS Center for Performing and Fine Arts students regularly participate in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District Orchestra Festival.
  3. In 2018, 93 students took 162 AP exams with an average score of 3.9. 87% of these students obtained a score of 3 or higher.
  4. The PALCS University Scholars Program has a Mock Trial team that has consistently performed well at both county and district levels.
  5. The PALCS University Scholars Program hosts two National Academic Quiz Tournament teams that compete and perform well at the national tournament level. A PALCS student was named to the 2016 Pennsylvania National All-Star Scholastic Tournament team.
  6. PALCS offers a Tier 1 public school diploma that is recognized as equal to a traditional brick-and-mortar school by the PA Department of Education and all post-secondary schools. Graduates have the same opportunities as other high school graduates, if not better, as cyber school students can focus on education and learn important self-motivation skills.
  7. PALCS has a yearly commencement in Lancaster for all graduates and families who wish to attend.
  8. After high school, 79% of the PALCS Class of 2018 chose to further their education with post-secondary school. 18% entered directly into the work force, and 2% entered the military.
  9. PALCS students perform better on standardized testing. In 2018, our students received an average SAT score of 1166 and an average ACT score of 26.1. State averages: 1073 for SAT and 23.7 for ACT.
  10. PALCS has an active Student Government. Students can run for office and participate in committees that spearhead projects, events and fundraisers. Student Government also builds leadership skills and offers unique retreats and field trips.
  11. PALCS students can start exposure to a foreign language as young as Kindergarten!
  12. Our students are active in community sports, participate on local school district teams, and some even play at the semi-pro level!
  13. Students have participated in the Hour of Code and have developed apps for Google Chrome and various code snippets. For creative gamers, PALCS hosts its own server for students to participate in Minecraft Club.
  14. PALCS has an award-winning Robotics team, placing in both the First Lego League and the First Tech Challenge.
  15. PALCS graduates have attended schools ranging from small private colleges such as Grove City, Washington and Jefferson, Allegheny, Messiah and LaSalle; major state universities like Penn State, Pitt, Temple and Drexel; and Ivy League schools like Princeton, Harvard and Yale.
  16. PALCS has an in-house video production studio so teachers can make dynamic videos for their lessons.
  17. Students occasionally choose to mail finished projects to their teachers: we proudly display student artwork in our offices and learning centers!
  18. Students in our art classes receive an art kit with a variety of materials such as paint and clay. Painted or drawn pictures can be scanned into the computer via the provided printer/copier/scanner. Students can use their provided webcam to take a picture of sculptures and models.
  19. Students enrolled in PALCS participate in their communities and pursue fantastic interests. We have published novelists, junior firefighters, app developers, notable athletes, and performers of both stage and screen.
  20. There are a 368 courses available at PALCS. 49 courses are offered to to elementary students, 43 to middle school, and 56 core courses and 101 electives to high school students. For middle and high school students, the University Scholars Program adds an additional 42 courses and the Center for Performing and Fine Arts adds 77.
  21. PALCS graduates have gone on to a range of careers, including becoming teachers, medical professionals, engineers, performing artists, athletes, and officers in the military.
  22. PALCS faculty and staff participate and encourage students to get involved in various volunteer and community service projects throughout the year. The school participates in regular clothing drives, food drives, and fundraisers.
  23. Students have the opportunity to travel internationally, often for elective credit. Previous travel opportunities have included Costa Rica, Canada, China and Panama.
  24. PALCS students are initiated into the National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society each year in a blended on-site/virtual ceremony.
  25. According to state law, cyber school students may continue to participate in extra-curricular activities and sports through their local schools.
  26. The PALCS Mascot is the Eagle.
  27. PALCS students can go on many educational, science-related field trips. We’ve gone to Physics Days at Hersheypark and Kennywood, SciTech Days at the Carnegie Science Center, the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Zoos and more!
  28. PALCS provides computer programs and websites to complete virtual labs for science courses.
  29. PALCS opened its digital doors on September 13, 2004. Over 2000 young adults have graduated from PALCS since the school opened.
  30. All PALCS students receive a laptop computer with a webcam, headset microphone, and a printer/copier/scanner. The computer automatically downloads required programs and updates and is filtered for school use.
  31. Students can reach out to their teachers at any time through many outlets: phone, email, instant message, or chat.
  32. PALCS uses a variety of materials from many different publishers: both physical and virtual textbooks, novels, workbooks and/or other types of supplemental content such as websites and educational programs.
  33. PALCS offers the University Scholars Program for gifted and motivated learners. The blended on-site and virtual program offers honors and AP courses to accepted students, though any PALCS student may take up to two AP courses through University Scholars.
  34. Students can read and contribute to PA Leadership’s award-winning online student newspaper, “The Talon”, which is edited by students in our Journalism course. PALCS Student Government also produces a newsletter, “The Observer”.
  35. Students who are struggling academically receive help from a PALCS Academic Advisor, who will assist students with organization and scheduling, will facilitate communication and will provide additional support.
  36. After orientation, the only required travel for students is to complete state-mandated PSSA or Keystone testing, depending on grade level. PALCS has numerous testing facilities throughout the state, making it as convenient as possible for students to attend. PALCS teachers proctor the test so students can meet teachers and other students in their area.
  37. PALCS focuses on weekly flexibility. Students can generally work one-to-two weeks ahead in their courses.
  38. Over 150 highly qualified teachers work at PALCS. Teachers work from one of our offices, in either West Chester or Pittsburgh.
  39. Students receive classroom materials on a year-to-year basis, but keep their school computer as long as they are enrolled in the school.
  40. Attendance is tracked by logging in on school days, Monday – Friday.
  41. While equipment is provided, PALCS families can access school from any device with an Internet connection.
  42. The guidance department at PALCS offers access to Career Cruising, a website that helps students explore career possibilities.
  43. Students get personalized feedback on assignments.
  44. Our internal IT Help Desk is just a phone call away during business hours for technology assistance. We have trainings and tutorials available on-demand.
  45. The PALCS Network is an online social community and resource for PALCS families to connect with other parents and students. We have optional activities and field trips around the state to keep students engaged and active!
  46. In addition to teachers, PALCS families have access to dedicated guidance counselors and dozens of student services support staff. Help is always just a call or click away!cyber charter school
  47. Parents can get involved by joining the monthly Parent Advisory Board. The board meets with the principal monthly to provide feedback and school improvement suggestions.
  48. PALCS offers Homework Help in the evenings. Students can receive live help from a PALCS teacher in the virtual classroom.
  49. Students do complete physical education in cyber school. Classes teach students the importance of incorporating a regular fitness routine into their daily lives and include many instructional videos.
  50. PALCS supports students from day one with a face-to-face orientation. Families are then guided through an Introduction to Online Learning course as they settle into cyber school.