Students at PALCS participate in interactive learning every day. Such as engaging online with the courses, teachers, and their classmates. We also host open chats, grouped by grade-level, monthly in multimedia classrooms. This allows students to talk freely to their peers. PALCS also holds exciting and educational monthly field trips and events for students. These include:

  • Museums (Natural History; Art; Science; History Center; Children’s Museum)
  • Zoos
  • Renaissance Faire, Fall Fests, and other outdoor events
  • Kennywood and Hershey Park Science Days
  • Circus, Stars on Ice, and other shows
  • Fiddlesticks Symphony, Shakespeare plays, and other cultural events
  • Miniature Golf
  • Movies
  • Picnics
  • Workshops
  • Meet & Greets with teachers
  • Prom

Learn more about our Field Trips here.