PALCS provides a Windows laptop computer with all software and internal storage needed to hold all school programs and files. The laptop has a webcam built in. Families also receive a headset with microphone and a three-in-one printer/copier/scanner. Desktop computers may be provided to families with special circumstances upon request.

Some lessons have students use added software for tasks such as word processing, audio recording, and advanced math notation. PALCS computers use open-source software that you can use on home computers as well as the school computer.

The school warranties equipment for normal wear and tear. Therefore, Parents are responsible for paper and print cartridges and damage to the computer by software not provided by the school.

PALCS computers are not available for purchase. Students who withdraw or graduate from PALCS must return all equipment to the school, including computer system and textbooks. PALCS will provide a prepaid return label, enabling the parent to return this equipment with no cost to the parent.

Families are welcome to use their own computers to access our website and do school work, but we do not support personal computers for any technical difficulties.