Title I is a federally-funded educational program. It is designed to improve the academic achievement of students at risk for failure in Reading and/or Math. Title I funds must be used to coordinate, and supplement services otherwise required for students in the Title I Program.

A great deal of our funding has been allocated to address the needs of student subgroups that have been traditionally underrepresented and to those subgroups that have been identified as having the most pressing academic needs. This funding includes programs, personnel and services that students have direct access to, as well as professional development training for teachers on how to address the needs of these specific subgroups.

  • All of our students – PALCS runs a Title I school-wide program so all students have access to programs, staff, and services purchased with Title I funds.
  • Students experiencing homelessness – money is set aside each year to support these students with transportation costs and access to resources they may not have access to otherwise.
  • Low-income students – traditionally this group of students lacked access to resources that were often costly or inaccessible. With these funds, that’s no longer the case.
  • English Learners – by partnering with local organizations, PALCS is building up a program that ensures that the environment newly immigrated families arrive to is welcoming, informative, and inclusive.
  • Students with Disabilities – these funds ensure that programs and services that benefit students with disabilities are in place

The Title I grant budget items change somewhat year to year depending on our allocation, but our Academic Leadership team has worked hard to ensure that our Title I program aligns to all of our state-mandated school plans, including but not limited to, our Comprehensive and our School Improvement Plans.

Title I initiatives that remain form year to year: family engagement events and resources, professional development for staff, K-12 ed-tech programming, instructional supplies, and academic support staff (Instructional Coaches and Math Interventionists).