Sometimes. We require students to log on every school day, Monday through Friday with exceptions for holidays. Generally, we do not need students to log on at any specific hour of the day. Nor do we need them to be online for any minimum length of time, if they log on at some point during the school day. The system records attendance for the day once a student logs on. Then he or she should check announcements, PALCSmail, and lessons for all classes. Once the student completes lessons, the student can choose to end school for the day or choose to work ahead. This is particularly convenient for students who have part-time jobs or take part in scheduled events or activities such as sports or music classes.

Additionally, some courses (e.g., journalism or a foreign language) and grades (K-5) require online virtual lessons at set times. Students needing extra help must also engage in lessons at set times. Upon enrollment, families work with teachers to select their virtual lesson schedule. This is generally 3 – 4 one-hour lessons per week. An example schedule could be Monday noon – 1, Tuesday from 10 – 11, and Thursday from 2 – 4. These are required online lessons, but the rest of the week’s schedule is completely flexible.

While not a substitute for scheduled school days, students may do schoolwork on weekends or holidays if they fall behind or will be going on a trip. Just like in brick and mortar schools, parents must submit excuses for missed student days.