PALCS attempts to accommodate any reasonable request from parents. For example, parents who do not believe in teaching music may opt their child out of any music courses. However, you cannot replace core courses, such as Kindergarten reading, for example. In such cases, it is the parents’ responsibility to supplement the curriculum with their own religious beliefs.

As a public school, PALCS may not teach sectarian religious instruction. Any public school may teach courses such as Comparative Religions and The History of (name of religion). In addition, parents may request an opportunity for religious instruction for their children that is facilitated by the school but not paid for by the school. Parents are also free to give any instruction in their home that they believe adds to the curriculum taught by the school. Parents may form groups separate from the school to aid this instruction. The role of the PALCS teacher is to neither encourage nor discourage any expression of religious thought protected by the U.S. Constitution.