cyber charter school


What do you think of when “school” is mentioned? Do you think of the traditional classroom with rows of desks and a teacher lecturing in the front of the room? In the United States, there are many options for students to receive their education. Many parents or guardians struggle to decide which type of school is best for their student. Location, class sizes, cost, classes offered, the overall environment of the school, and many other factors could lead to switching schools.

First, let’s differentiate the types of schools that are available to students in the US:

  • Private Schools: do not receive funding from the government and require students to pay tuition to attend.
  • Parochial Schools: private schools with a religious affiliation that receive funding from local churches as well as students.
  • Public Schools: funded by local, state, and federal government and must follow state education requirements.
  • Home Schools: parent/guardian’s choice to develop their own curriculum, with the state’s approval.
  • Charter Schools: funded by the government, like public schools, but students are required to apply to attend.
  • Cyber Schools: require the same credentials as public schools, but students attend class virtually.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes cyber charter schools different –

I. What is a Cyber Charter School?

A cyber charter school is a public school that receives funding from the government, requires students to apply to be enrolled, and students attend class without physically being inside a traditional classroom. It is a combination of charter schools and cyber schools! With significant technological advancements over the past several decades, this switch from traditional classrooms to virtual classrooms was made possible. In the states that have school choice policy, cyber charter schools are becoming more well-known and increasing in enrollment rates.

II. What Are the Benefits of Cyber Charter Schools?

With the recent growth of cyber charter schools, why are parents and students making the switch? Cyber charter schools offer synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on-demand) instruction and lessons. Instruction can be received in the comfort of the student’s own home with increased opportunity for parental involvement in the student’s education. Students are given more flexibility in their school day with more individualized education to fit their needs. Many parents/guardians also decide to make the switch to cyber public schools to avoid social concerns, such as bullying and general safety.

III. How Does PALCS Apply the Definition of “Cyber Charter School”?

Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School serves students in the state of Pennsylvania while providing an individualized and academically challenging curriculum. PALCS blends the benefits of classical basics-oriented education with technology. PALCS also provides parents/guardians with the option of public education that can be tailored to their child’s specific needs. Our educational goals strive to develop our students into creative, natural, and engaged leaders. At PALCS, our sophisticated course curriculum is at the foundation of our educational goals. Our teachers really bring our school to life by creating their own courses, in strict compliance with state standards, which allows for more creativity, collaboration, and unique experiences within our virtual classrooms.

IV. Is a Cyber School a Good Fit for You?

That is the beauty of having the option for a cyber charter school! If you see your student struggling in their current educational environment, there are many benefits to the flexibility and individualized instruction from the comfort of your home that a cyber charter school can provide. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about making the switch to cyber school:

  1. Parents play a significant role in academic support when a student is learning at home. It is crucial for the parents/guardians to ensure their child is attending class and being an active participant.
  2. Are you comfortable with technology? Do you have reliable access to the Internet? It is important to feel comfortable with technology and have the needed resources in the case of connection or technological issues. We have an incredible and reliable IT Department to help!
  3. Dedicated spaces for learning can also help a student feel more motivated to attend class. A dedicated space, desk, or area in the house can minimize distractions!
  4. Be willing to learn, for both parents and students! A new school can be challenging to navigate at first but trust the process! To learn more about our school, PALCS, and our educational goals, visit our Mission and Values page! We are currently enrolling K-12 for the 2023-2024 school year! Apply today!