PALCS Elementary School offers a specialized learning environment and vision called Personalized Learning Paths for Global Citizens. To meet the unique needs of every child, we:
  • Design our curriculum around a continuum of ideas, skills and experiences in which students steadily progress and explore a variety of interests.
  • Emphasize collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in all learning pathways and provide a cohesive K-5 experience that builds upon fluencies and skills as students progress.
  • View the integration of subject areas and problem based learning as key to helping students make connections in their learning and to prepare them to succeed in a global knowledge economy.
  • Believe in a well-rounded curriculum that includes and encourages creative study and foreign language.
All elementary students will be part of a mixed-performance, heterogeneous class at their grade level. Within each course, students will be grouped according to their performance level for online lessons, live virtual lessons, and personalized intervention or enrichment. Grouping students allows us to target curriculum, instruction and assessment for students throughout the year. We use multiple measures throughout the academic school year to group students. Students may move from one group to another based upon their learning needs and growth during the school year. See Elementary Core Courses »
We believe in a well-rounded curriculum that includes creative study and foreign language. Every student is required to take physical education and choose at least one additional elective. Each elective course posts one lesson per week and requires students to attend a weekly live lesson with the teacher or watch a live lesson recording. Attendance at the live lesson is highly encouraged.

The elementary Health, Safety and Physical Education course is required for all students in grades K-5. Students will receive live virtual instruction and be responsible for completing posted assignments in the areas of health education topics. Additionally, students in grades K-5 will receive live virtual interactive instruction to meet the physical education standards. Elementary Electives are grouped by grade with Elementary Core Courses »

Virtual lessons attendance in core classes is a required component of the elementary program. Teachers will work in real-time with children during three live, virtual lessons each week.

Teachers will work in real-time with children during one mandatory live Math and one mandatory live ELA virtual lesson each week. Teachers will offer one live optional Science/Social Studies virtual lesson each week starting in marking period 2.

Upon enrollment, teachers will contact families to schedule the two weekly lessons. Students who require more intensive instruction in reading and/or math will receive additional real-time instruction with a reading or math interventionist. Lessons will be hosted by your teacher, using a headset and webcam, and is open to all students in the course.

Virtual lessons will typically last 30-45 minutes, depending on grade level. Immediate intervention will follow each Math and ELA virtual lesson based on individual student need and exit tickets.

Note: This activities will resume at a later date.
K-5 students can attend any of our extra-curricular virtual field trips or open chats. In our offices, all elementary students are able to participate in a virtual Elementary Connect program each month: Book Buddies and Got Science. Around the state, families are welcome to attend any of the numerous field trips. Further information on PALCS activities can be found here and enrolled students should check the monthly emailed Elementary School Newsletter or PALCSchool for up-to-date field trips, event listings and contact information for these activities.
PALCS elementary guidance counselors each maintain a non-academic course where families can access supplemental monthly lessons that explore topics like positive character traits, study skills, bullying, careers and friendship. Guidance resources for parents and students are also posted in this course.
We challenge our advanced students through rigorous coursework and small group virtual lessons. Students who are identified as advanced in reading and/or math are assigned lessons that meet their learning needs within their grade level classes. PALCS honors all students who enroll with documented successful completion of advanced coursework. Our academic team works closely with each family to ensure students are challenged and placed in appropriate courses to ensure optimal social and emotional development and academic achievement. PALCS also offers unique electives to students interested in design, science and technology.
Students who require and qualify for more intensive instruction in reading and/or math will receive additional real-time instruction with a reading or math interventionist.
Special Education services are available for PALCS students. Accommodations are highly individualized on a student-by-student basis. More information is available on the PALCS Special Education page.

If you want the best for your child when it comes to remote education options, turn to PALCS in PA. We offer a remote education K-5 program designed to educate and engage your child in a fun and effective way. With our remote K-5 education program, your child will benefit from a customized learning path based on their needs and strengths and focused one-on-one time with their instructor.

Don’t sacrifice your child’s education when you make the switch to remote schooling. Instead, talk to the professionals at PALCS. We are passionate about what we do and about providing the best educational experience possible for our pupils. We emphasize creativity and innovation while still focusing on core educational experiences and techniques.

To learn more about our available remote K-5 education program and how we can best help and guide your child through their elementary school experience, check out the links below. There, you can find more information about specific courses and their descriptions as well as a course catalog. You can also reach our main office by calling 610-701-3333.

Give your child a strong educational foundation by allowing them to experience and participate in the renowned remote K-5 programs offered by PALCS.

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