Note: the video in this post depicts a pretend head injury from a car and bicycle accident. Makeup was used, and no real injuries or crime scenes are in the video.

In March, PALCS students in grades 6-8 were invited to PA Leadership’s main office to participate in a CSI lab event.

Before their arrival, the students were given some background on the mock crime they would be investigating, a bike accident. It was up to them to locate and collect all the physical evidence they would need in order to solve the crime.

In the lab, students learned about physical evidence such as impression and blood evidence, and how a crime scene investigator collects this evidence. They also learned about the forensic sciences, Locard’s Exchange Principle, and how there is always an exchange of evidence during an altercation. They also explored the difference between class and individual characteristics and how they are used to identify individuals.

Check out the video from the lab, or view on YouTube!


Each participating student received a mini crime scene kit that was used during their crime scene exploration. They were able to take the kit home with them at the conclusion of the activity so they can continue to practice their fingerprinting and blood collection techniques.

The crime scene lab was a part of our Middle School Connect monthly program for students in grades 6-8 who are looking to get involved. A special thanks to all who made this unique lab possible, including the dedicated educators, staff, and all of the students who joined us. PALCS families, be sure to check PALCSchool and your school calendar for upcoming events, field trips and activity group meeting details!