There is a new activity group to PALCS this year: the Creative Writing Circle! The “CW” Circle is a group of students in grades 9-12 and their faculty advisors, Ms. Walsh and Mr. Pettit, who gather to collaborate, inspire, and help one another with ideas and techniques in free-writing, composing poems, short stories, novels, and other creative works. The group also aims to create a safe environment and outlet for young authors at PALCS to find their voices in writing.

The CW Circle meets virtually every other Tuesday for sessions lasting about one hour. The meetings are even recorded and posted for any members who cannot attend live but still would like to participate.

“Our hopes are that students find inspiration to create literature, share their own work with like-minded students, and find their voices as writers. We also offer some small instruction on the creative process and lead discussions on student created work. CW Circle members can post their writing in our forums in addition to (or in place of) attending virtual meetings. Finally, our hope is to motivate students to submit work for our bi-annual literary magazine,” explained faculty advisor and high school English teacher, Todd Pettit.

The Creative Writing Circle is excited to present some of the fantastic writing pieces their members have created during the first semester. You can view the captivating first issue here (.pdf, opens in a new window).

We are looking forward to all the works to come from this exciting new activity group. They are hoping to release the next issue in May of 2018.

The Creative Writing Circle is always looking for new members. For high school students who may be interested in joining the CW Circle, please feel free to contact the faculty advisors: contact information may be found in PALCSchool under the staff phone list.