The CPFA faculty and staff are committed to providing a dynamic, challenging, exciting, fun, earnest, creative learning environment for students. We invite you to meet our theater, art, music. dance and graphic design teachers.

Each one of the CPFA faculty, brings a unique skill to the program that will enhance every students experience. A large majority of the CPFA faculty have masters degrees or above.

With several theater productions, dance shows, art shows and so much more, the CPFA faculty are proud to be a part of the only cyber school who offers this type of programming.

Shout Outs

Tom West – CPFA Music Instructor

So … on this dreary Tuesday I want to give a shout out to Mr. Tom West. Seriously … whether he’s teaching and inspiring our children, accommodating challenging schedules to allow more students to participate or answering questions on our FB group in the middle of the night – he is AWESOME. And, in his spare time, he helps with all our tech support questions. THANK YOU Mr. West! You are appreciated.

Tamara Christensen, Parent
I have been at PALCS for 6 years, and this school has changed my life. The flexibility of learning online allows me to participate in the Center for Performing and Fine Arts – a PALCS affiliated school. This program has given me the opportunity to find my passion while being surrounded by like-minded artists who share my love for the arts. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Anonymous, Student

My daughter is a 6th grade, first year PALCS/CPFA student. She loves CPFA and has made the PALCS Honor Roll each marking period. I think that the communication between teachers, students and parents is great. My daughter looks forward to the Middle School Connect activities in addition to attending CPFA.

Anonymous, Parent