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Shout Outs

Miss Van Rhee – Teacher – 3rd grade

Miss Van Rhee always takes the time to provide meaningful and thoughtful comments on my child’s work. In particular, her comments when giving constructive feedback – where there is room for improvement – are done in a positive and helpful way that my child really benefits from. Shout out to Miss Van Rhee for her time & efforts!

Deborah Sanders, Parent

Mr Basil Paffas – US Government History

Mr Paffas is a new teacher at PALCS, but you could have fooled me. He is everything I want in a teacher. Mr Paffas corrects people by telling them what part of the answer they got right and explaining how that ties into the lesson while almost unnoticeably correcting the wrong very gently. Good job, Mr Paffas!!

Gracie Burns, Student

Sr. Castillo – Spanish Teacher

Sr. Castillo is a great teacher. I am in Honors Spanish 5 and every week we have one-on-one practice conversations in Spanish. He is very patient with mistakes; he kindly corrects them with a quick explanation. When I don’t understand what he is saying, he will repeat it more slowly, type it into the chat box, say it again in English, etc. to help me understand. I especially love that these conversations are graded on effort! I don’t have to feel self-conscious or stressed out about mistakes!

Kaylee Goetz, Student