PALCS community, if you have been dutifully clipping Box Tops for Education or would like to start, then we would happily take them! PALCS is collecting Box Tops to donate to the student activities fund! Each Box Top clip is worth 10 cents to the school, which can really add up!

Box Tops can be dropped off at any PALCS office and will be collected at field trips and events throughout the entire school year.

In addition, you can mail any Box Top clippings to the PALCS Main Office, 1332 Enterprise Drive, West Chester PA 19380, Attn: PALCS Network.

Box Tops for Education started back in 1996 in California when U.S. food company General Mills wanted to create a program that would benefit and help support schools in America. As the program grew and more and more school were participating, more brands joined the program. Box Tops for Education can now be found on over 100 products in the grocery store, from common cereal boxes to office supplies and paper products. According to the website, since the start of the Box Tops program, American schools have earned over $800 million dollars.

We want to offer a huge thank you to everyone who has or is collecting Box Tops to donate. Thank you to everyone for their continued support of PALCS, our wonderful student activities, and community. We would not be able to what we do without each of our wonderful students and their dedicated and hard-working families!