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USP MATHCOUNTS Competition Winners

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On Saturday, March 9th, three of our very own, PALCS and University Scholars Program students competed in the 6th grade MATHCOUNTS competition along with several other schools from Chester County, PA.

Justin Dugan, Kevin Zhu, and Aiden Cannon all did a great job representing our school, and did a terrific job on all the components of the competition!
The students each participated in a 40-minute sprint round, trying to answer as many questions as possible within the time limit.
Next, students participated in a sprint round, answering four sets of 2 questions every 6 minutes. The students finished with a team round, where each group was given 10 questions to answer together.

Once all the tests were scored, the top 10 individual scorers were brought up to participate in a countdown round. If students provide the correct answer faster than their competitor, they move up the rankings of their individual placement.

Aiden Cannon moved from fifth place, to fourth place, by defeating his first competitor in the buzzer round.
Kevin Zhu was also in the countdown round, scoring first place on his individual test! Kevin scored better than all 103 other 6th grade students across the county, which is an amazing accomplishment!
The results of Kevin’s countdown round placed him in second for the individual competition. Congratulations to Justin, Aiden, and Kevin! We are all very proud of you!

(Photographed left to right: Aiden Cannon, Kevin Zhu, Justin Dugan, and USP Math Teacher, Kirsten Mackey)

Now Accepting ’19-‘20 USP Applications!

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Happy New Year! We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year for our University Scholars Program! It is not too early to begin exploring your options for next school year and see if PALCS, or USP, is a good fit for you and your family!

The University Scholars Program (USP) is a cyber-blended, honors college-preparatory program for eligible students in grades 6-12, enrolled in PALCS. USP opened its doors in the fall of 2005, and has over 245 middle and high school students today. As a highly competitive and rigorous program for students, eager to learn at a more advanced level, an additional application and test is required for acceptance to the program.

Students may participate in the program either virtually, or on-site at our Advanced Ideas Center, located in West Chester, PA. The Advanced Ideas Center provides a small learning community, with an average class size of about 12, where individual and diverse academic achievement is valued and supported in this blended learning situation. The University Scholars Program Curriculum focuses on synapse building through problem-solving, rich experiences, and challenging content. Lessons are designed to be interdisciplinary, engaging, project-based, and to spark intellectual curiosity.

If accepted, students participate in the program two to three days per week. Middle school students attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and every other Friday, while high school students attend on Mondays and Wednesdays, and every other Friday. Classes are generally offered from 8:15 am to 2:45 pm. Classes range from 60 to 90 minutes, allowing students to take at least four classes a day. Students who are accepted into USP will take their core classes through this program, and their electives either online through […]

Student Spotlight: Audrey Emata

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Presidential Scholar nominee, PALCS graduating junior, scholarship winner, flutist, sister, and proud daughter are just a few terms to describe Audrey Emata. At only sixteen years old, Audrey has already accomplished so much, including being named as a nominee for the U.S. Presidential Scholars in the Arts Award, an honor that only 60 students in the entire country receive. We recently had the opportunity to speak to Audrey’s mother, Christina, about her talented daughter’s future goals and her journey to becoming a Presidential Scholar.

Educational Trips: Past and Future

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This past year, the University Scholars Program (USP) had some amazing trips and educational journeys that brought them up and down the East Coast: north to New York and south to the Florida Keys, and several places in between!

Outstanding Accomplishments Among Individuals

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Here at PALCS, students and educators are encouraged to work together and be team players, while also forming individual opinions and standing up as leaders. PA Leadership’s University Scholars Program (USP) embraces the individual scholar and tailors instruction and opportunities to the individual need and goals of each scholar, which is a large part of why we have seen such success among our students and educators this past year!

PALCS USP Activity Group Accomplishments and Victories

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The PALCS University Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to join a long list of student activity groups. Such groups include: the Mock Trial Team, Moot Court Team, Academic Team, Drama Activity Group, The Algorythms: USP’s A Capella Group, and many more. These activity groups not only kicked off 2017 with victories and triumphs, but are ending 2017 in the same way!

PALCS USP Students Work to Reshape Our World

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Several PALCS University Scholars students have envisioned a better world and have been working in various ways to help others. We are very proud of the following students and their efforts.

USP Community Building Day

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On Saturday, November 17, 2017, the University Scholars Program (USP) held their 10th annual Community Building Day at the Advanced Ideas Center (AIC) in West Chester, PA.

USP Moot Court Teams Compete and Win at Princeton

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On Friday, April 28, 2017 several PALCS University Scholars Program (USP) Moot Court Teams traveled from all over Pennsylvania to Princeton University for a two day tournament. USP sent 7 teams total to compete, which is the most ever for the program. Each team consisted of 2 students, and we could not be more proud of the 14 students who competed. We are so happy to announce that one of our very own teams took first place out of 63 teams!

PALCS Student Reaches Semifinals in Geo Bee

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On Friday, March 31st, PA Leadership’s very own 7th grade student, Danny Gauntlett, competed in National Geographic’s Pennsylvania Geography Bee (“Geo Bee”) in Harrisburg, PA. Students around the country in grades 4-8 who met the criteria were invited to compete. This was Danny’s 2nd time competing at the Geo Bee; he once competed when he was in 4th grade at his previous school and is looking forward to competing a final time in his 8th grade year. This year, he made it all the way to the semifinals and PALCS could not be more proud!

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