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Student Spotlight: Jorge de Paz

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Meet Jorge de Paz, a 4th grader at PALCS who enjoys giving back and helping others. Jorge was born in Philadelphia, but now resides with his parents, and two brothers Ruben (age 5), and Ivan (age 3) in West Chester, PA.

This past January, Jorge was given an assignment by his teacher, Mr. Cooper, to plan a project where he could give back to society,” Stephanie, Jorge’s mom tells us. “He was excited about this assignment and wanted to make sure it was something that he could plan and put into action immediately. When Jorge’s father was working toward his Master’s degree at West Chester University a few years ago, he conducted a research survey at Safe Harbor. Jorge remembered this place, and decided that this was the place he wanted to help out.”

Safe Harbor is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to provide housing, food and access to support services in a structured environment for homeless men and women in Chester County.

“When we contacted Safe Harbor, they gave us a list of items that they especially needed.” Jorge had a goal to collect as many of those specific items as possible. In an attempt to help collect donations for Jorge’s project, PALCS Receptionist, Ms. Gianna Rodkey asked PALCS teachers and staff to bring in and donate items off of Jorge’s list. The de Paz family estimates that about 4 full grocery store shopping carts of items were collected!

“Ms. Gianna Rodkey was a welcoming face and so very friendly the moment we met her at the beginning of the school year. She has continuously recognized and assisted Jorge in his efforts to give back,” Stephanie tells us. “Mr. Cooper has also been very supportive […]

Family Spotlight: Assiah & Rasheena Phinisee

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Meet 10-year old Assiah Phinisee, and her mother Rasheena. The Phinisee family has just recently joined PALCS, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to hear their inspiring story, and speak to them more about their non-profit foundation.

Assiah’s life is truly a miracle, as she went through not only one, but two liver transplants – all before the age of four!

Although Assiah was born healthy, she was exposed through breast-feeding to an antibiotic her mother was prescribed at 6 days old . She then contracted hepatitis and, eventually, serious liver problems.

She underwent her first liver transplant at the early age of one, which failed due to drug intolerance, resulting in chronic rejection. When Assiah was four years old in 2012, she received her second organ transplant.

This time, she received 25 percent of a liver, with Bobby Rydell, Philadelphia legend and rock and roll singer, receiving the other 75 percent. Sharing the same liver donor–a twenty-one-year-old from Reading, PA–has brought both Rydell and Assiah very close, as he now refers to her as his “liver sister.”

As a result of Assiah’s life changing experiences, she and her mother, Rasheena Phinisee, founded A Star Name Assiah Liver Fund, a nonprofit that works to raise awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation.

Assiah and Rasheena’s goal is to promote her healthy “Donor Lifestyle” initiative through engagement, education and empowerment.

The mom-and-daughter duo have created their own line of natural skincare products and started an Annual Liver-Aid Lemonade Fundraiser. Assiah’s Lemonade Beauty Bars are a homemade soap used to educate others about the benefit of natural skincare products that reduce health risks. Also promoting Assiah’s message, Assiah’s Liver-Aid Lemonade stand is a healthy organic lemonade used to educate consumers about the beneficial effects of lemons on […]

PALCS and the Farm Show

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PALCS Students participate in the Harrisburg Farm Show.

Student Spotlight: Grace Heckendorn

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Meet Jaclynn Grace Heckendorn, a 10th grader at PALCS. After hearing about PALCS through her best friend, Grace started her cyber-education journey with us when she was in 6th grade. In her spare time, Grace raises, breeds, sells, and shows goats!

PALCS’ flexible schedule allows Grace to spend more time with her goats than she ever could in a regular brick and mortar school. Grace says that her experience with PALCS so far has been great! She feels as though she is getting a better education, and “loves [her] teachers, classes, and that there are so many different electives to take.”

Grace grew up with a passion for animals, as her parents always had pets. When she was six years old, she got a pony, and then shortly after the Heckendorn’s decided to get goats. “Our neighbors raised goats, so we decided to buy a male and a female.” Grace explains that the female goats are referred to as “does”, and the neutered males are called “wethers”. Grace and her family currently have about twenty goats, and four that are currently pregnant.

Grace has been raising goats for seven years now, and shows in local fair’s and farm shows. This past summer, Grace won the Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat at the Dayton Fair 2018.

When showing animals, appearance, grooming, and showmanship are all factors that are taken into account when being judged. According to the American Goat Society (AGS), “a good showman is a person that can effectively present an animal in such a way as to enhance its best characteristics.” AGS continues to explain that during the shows, “you are judged on your abilities to both control and present your animal, and how you and your animal can […]

Student Spotlight: Dominic Corcoran

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Meet Dominic Corcoran, an 8th grader at PALCS, and an avid performer. Dominic and his older sister, Sofia, were born in Philadelphia and now reside in Delaware County. Growing up, Dominic was a very precocious child, reading and entertaining at a very young age. Dominic fell in love with the theater after seeing The Lion King on Broadway when he was 4 years old. “He has always enjoyed performing, acting and singing, as well as drawing and writing,” his mother, Trisha, explains. Dominic’s inspiration to draw and write came from simple stories such as the Captain Underpants series, with its simple but creative illustrations, and memorable characters and story lines.

Student Spotlight: Lionel McCulloch

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Meet Lionel Phoenix McCulloch, a PALCS senior who was named second place high school winner in the Philadelphia Young Playwright’s competition for 2018. Lionel does over six shows each year as an actor, director or designer. As an avid theater lover and practitioner, “this wasn’t Lionel’s first play, but it was the first one he’d entered in this competition”, says his mom, Aileen.

Family Spotlight: The Leiphart Family

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Meet the Leiphart family: parents Stacie and Brad, and children Reese, Raegan, and Rhett. Thanks to an amazing career opportunity, they have lived in three different countries and traveled all over the world, though they are now back home in Berks County, PA, where they grew up.

Family Spotlight: The Clark Family

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When Kieran Clark was in 6th grade, he was practicing and competing in gymnastics, which required about 20 hours a week. Every day, he would get home from practice at 9 pm, do his homework until 11 pm or later, and get up for school in the morning at 6:30 am. He was advanced in school, and one of his teachers commented that he could be doing a lot more in less time. The Clark family began to explore the different cyber school options and found PALCS.

PALCS Student Involved in the Silent Voices Project

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Anagha Kapsi, PALCS 7th grader, is helping others figuratively speak through music. Anagha is involved in the Silent Voices Project, which evokes the ideas and words of children who lived and often died during the Holocaust through the music of contemporary children. The project aims to spread awareness that such inhumane acts should never be forgotten and never be repeated.

Student Spotlight: Heather Smarick

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Meet Heather Smarick of Westmorland County: a 12-year-old figure skater, PALCS 6th grader, daughter, sister and so much more. She is a young lady whose ambition and dedication can be seen on a daily basis.

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