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PALCS and the Farm Show

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PALCS Students participate in the Harrisburg Farm Show.

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Smith

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We recently had the opportunity to speak to PALCS High School Math teacher, Mr. Jeff Smith, who has been working at PALCS since 2007. Mr. Smith teaches Algebra 1B, Pre-Algebra & Geometry to students in grades 9th-12th.

Mr. Smith grew up in the small city of Greensburg located in Westmoreland County. He enjoys cheering on his favorite sports team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and tries to attend as many games as he can during their season! During his summer breaks he takes time to relax, spend time with his nieces & nephews, and adventure through different trails on his mountain bike.

Mr. Smith earned his Bachelor of Education degree from California University of Pennsylvania in 2000. He began working at PALCS shortly after he graduated from college. While working for PALCS, he decided to pursue his Masters of Special Education Degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

Growing up he was surrounded by educators, and influenced by his mom, who was a Reading Specialist. From a very young age, Mr. Smith felt that he had a calling for a future career path in the Education field.

Mr. Smith believes that here at PALCS students are able to grow and be successful in a unique way with the resources that every teacher provides. “School comes down to giving students opportunities. If you can make students feel successful and confident in what they are learning, then they will do well.” Mr. Smith connects with his students through email, phone, live virtual lessons and school events.

“I want my students to feel comfortable asking for help and guidance whenever they may need it,” said Mr. Smith. “All of my students know that if they need me for anything, they can easily contact me and I’ll […]

Fall Festivities

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Can you believe that it is almost Halloween? The holiday season is quickly approaching, and this fun fall holiday calls for costumes, sweets, and trick-or-treats.

Cyberbullying Awareness

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Bullying is incredibly common: at least one in four students in the United States have indicated they have been bulled at school, and many more students have witnessed or participated in a bullying incident. Many parents may anecdotally remember bullying in the school building and the internet as a refuge from this on-site bullying. However, being surrounded by technology, social media, and digital platforms, cyberbullying has become an issue. Depending on ages and orientations of students, anywhere between a tenth and one half of U.S. students have experienced cyberbullying.

Student Spotlight: Lionel McCulloch

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Meet Lionel Phoenix McCulloch, a PALCS senior who was named second place high school winner in the Philadelphia Young Playwright’s competition for 2018. Lionel does over six shows each year as an actor, director or designer. As an avid theater lover and practitioner, “this wasn’t Lionel’s first play, but it was the first one he’d entered in this competition”, says his mom, Aileen.

Bullying Prevention Month

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month. We want to join together as a community to prevent bullying and make positive changes. Here at PALCS, we create a safe environment both virtually and on-site, where we have zero tolerance for bullying.

5 Ways to Start the School Year Off Right!

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We are now in the single digit countdown to the first day of school here at PALCS and we are so excited to welcome new and returning students to the 2017-2018 school year! If you are nervous about the first day of school or will miss the lazy days of summer, we have 5 ways to help make this school year the most successful yet!

Countdown to The First Day!

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There are only 25 days left until the first day of school! Are you ready? We are counting down the days until all of our returning and new students join us for a school year that will be full of valuable learning and endless opportunities!

10 Activity Ideas for a Cool Summer

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Happy Summer! School is out and the summer has arrived, but what will you do with kids to keep them busy and feed their creative minds? Use your imagination! Not only is there so much to do in the summer, but a lot of summer activities are affordable or even free!

Calling All Reviews!

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Calling all PALCS students, families and alumni: we need your help! Have you ever wanted to tell the world what PALCS means to you? How PALCS has affected your life? Now is your chance! We want you to share your experience and tell the world how cyber school has worked for you and your family!

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