The Bridge to Student Success (BtSS) program is a support system for students and families that focuses on improving the consistency, quantity and quality of coursework and assignment submissions.The program is monitored by Academic Advisors who work together with students, classroom teachers, guidance counselors, and the principal. An Academic Advisor will be assigned to designated students to create a personalized support plan for the child.

PALCS Bridge to Success
BtSS Student Supports include:
  • Frequent check-in via PALCSchool Message/PALCS Gmail/ Canvas mail and text message (middle and high school) with the Academic Advisor

  • Regular check-in via phone call with Academic Advisor as required

  • Virtual Lesson/Lesson Help Schedule

  • Weekly or Daily To-Do-List

  • Reminders for end of Progress Checks and Marking Periods

  • Other personalized supports as needed

Parent/Guardian Support includes:
  • Frequent check-in via PALCSchool email or text message (middle and high school) with Academic Advisor

  • Check-in via phone call with Academic Advisor as required

  • Help with setting up a good learning environment, getting organized, creating a daily schedule, etc.

  • Access to the Parent Resources

  • Other supports as needed

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