Though most PALCS students benefit from the flexibility of working at home, some require the structure and guidance of a learning facility. For these students, PALCS has established several onsite “Brick and Click” centers throughout Pennsylvania.

Brick and Clicks start with the same great PALCS education provided to all our cyber students: online classes with unique lessons created by PA-certified teachers. Every single PALCS students can access their schoolwork from any computer with an Internet connection, though most choose work online from the comfort of their own homes. The difference for Brick and Clicks is that students attend an on-site location to complete their schoolwork with other PALCS students.

Whether students need a more orderly working environment, assistance from Academic Advisors, or simply daily interaction with their peers, our blended cyber school centers make it possible for them to complete their coursework while getting the additional support they need.

Independent partners have offered their space and staff for use by PALCS students. Each center is equipped with trained personnel and superior technology to help students focus and succeed.

PALCS Brick and Click Centers

Independent Onsite Partners

Germantown Center

4944 Germantown Ave
Philadelphia PA, 19144
610-701-3333 ext. 1730
or 505-414-8191
Center Director: Omar Ganz

Third Antioch Center

5145 Delancey Street
Philadelphia PA, 19143
610-701-3333 ext. 1727
or 215-476-3490
Center Director: Sala Mike

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