Graduation 2018

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On Saturday, June 16, 2018, the PALCS community, friends, and family of the Class of 2018 gathered for the 14th Annual Commencement to celebrate the end of their high school careers and all their accomplishments. This year’s graduating class consisted of 363 PALCS students. Over 150 members of the Class of 2018 joined together on stage in Lancaster for a day of celebration.

Graduation Livestream 2018

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Happy commencement, PALCS Class of 2018! Graduation festivities will take place tomorrow, Saturday, June 16, 2018, in Lancaster, PA. We will be celebrating over 350 students graduating from PALCS, many of whom will be traveling to Lancaster from around the state to stand on stage with their fellow graduates and faculty at the Lancaster Mennonite High School. The school has kindly served as our graduation location for over a decade.

Last Day of School 2018!

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Today is the last day of the 2017-2018 school year! We want to commend the entire PALCS community and celebrate what a wonderful year it has been! With the school year coming to a close, we want to thank and congratulate our staff, students and their families, all of whom have worked so hard all year long to do their best and reach their goals. Every school year comes with different challenges and hardships, but that’s part of what makes the last day of school so special each year. Today is a day of celebration! We want to encourage everyone to take a moment, take a deep breath, and reflect on what you have accomplished.

Family Spotlight: The Clark Family

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When Kieran Clark was in 6th grade, he was practicing and competing in gymnastics, which required about 20 hours a week. Every day, he would get home from practice at 9 pm, do his homework until 11 pm or later, and get up for school in the morning at 6:30 am. He was advanced in school, and one of his teachers commented that he could be doing a lot more in less time. The Clark family began to explore the different cyber school options and found PALCS.

PALCS Student Involved in the Silent Voices Project

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Anagha Kapsi, PALCS 7th grader, is helping others figuratively speak through music. Anagha is involved in the Silent Voices Project, which evokes the ideas and words of children who lived and often died during the Holocaust through the music of contemporary children. The project aims to spread awareness that such inhumane acts should never be forgotten and never be repeated.

Student Spotlight: Heather Smarick

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Meet Heather Smarick of Westmorland County: a 12-year-old figure skater, PALCS 6th grader, daughter, sister and so much more. She is a young lady whose ambition and dedication can be seen on a daily basis.

PALCS Student William McGregor Named US Presidential Scholar

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On May 8th, 2018 PALCS senior William McGregor was officially named a United States Presidential Scholar in the Arts.

PNC Park Field Trip

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The sky was clear and the sun was shining on April 13th as a group of over 65 PALCS faculty, staff, students, and families gathered at the statue of Willie Stargell, the world-famous Pittsburgh Pirate, outside PNC Park on the North Shore of Pittsburgh for a tour of the baseball park.

CSI Lab Event

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In March, PALCS students in grades 6-8 were invited to PA Leadership’s main office to participate in a CSI lab event.

2019 Educational Trip to Eastern Europe

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PALCS is excited to announce that the next high school extended stay trip will be to Eastern Europe! A group of PALCS high school students and teachers will be traveling to Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary in June of 2019. As the group travels, they will learn about the Iron Curtain and World War II, see Gothic cathedrals, and explore vibrant cities.

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