Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Brynn Culleiton

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We recently had the opportunity to speak to PALCS First Grade teacher, Ms. Culleiton, who has been working at PALCS since 2017.

Ms. Culleiton grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh called Washington Township. She received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Clarion University. Within the next five years Ms. Culleiton would like to pursue her Master’s Degree.

Ms. Culleiton has had interested in working in education since she was a little girl. “I definitely have a heart for kids & always have.” she adds “given the opportunity to become a first grade teacher has made that clear for me. I love these kids!”

Before becoming a First Grade teacher at PALCS, Ms. Culleiton was an Orientation Representative. Our Orientation Representatives are responsible for holding the orientations in our offices for new students at PALCS.  During orientation, we welcome new students and go over school policies, walk students through PALCSchool and Canvas, and help distribute school materials.

Before PALCS, Ms. Culleiton worked for a car dealership as their Title Clark and also in their Accounting Department. “I enjoyed working in different positions to learn and understand how things work.” After working for a car dealership but always dreaming of working with children, Ms. Culleiton claims how excited she was when a position with PALCS opened up!

PALCS is where her dream has flourished. Ms. Culleiton explains, “I have always wanted to be a teacher. When PALCS hired me as a full time first grade teacher in August, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  I ready to get back into the field I am most passionate about!”

One of her favorite things about being a first year teacher at PALCS is connecting with each of her students as […]

PA Leadership Charter School: FAQ

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There are many families who may have heard of PA Leadership Charter School but the question is, do they really know what PALCS is, how it works, and when they can enroll their children? Through this FAQ sheet, you can learn more about PALCS and determine if it might be the right fit for your family

Q1: What is PALCS?

A1: PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS) is a state-approved public cyber charter school, for Pennsylvania residents in grades K-12. PALCS opened its doors in 2004, and now serves over 3,200 students state wide.  Our mission is to provide an academically challenged, knowledge based curriculum with an individualized and flexible approach.

Q2: What materials does PALCS provide for my child?

A2: Every PALCS students is loaned a Windows HP laptop, a headset with a microphone, a 3-in-1 printer, and all the e-books and workbooks needed. We will also provide math, art, and science manipulatives as needed throughout the school year.

Q3: Who may attend PALCS?

A3: PALCS openly accepts all K-12 students in Pennsylvania, as long as they meet the age requirements (age 5 through 21), and have never been expelled*. Kindergartners are accepted based on the acceptance age and start requirements of the local district. * At certain times throughout the year certain grades may reach capacity and will close, but this is clearly noted on our public website – www.palcs.org/apply-now/

Q4: What does PALCS cost?

A4: PALCS is funded the same way your local brick and mortar school is funded. We receive funding from the district that students reside within. As a public school,  we provide a free & appropriate education to any student in PA who wishes to attend* (*unless grades have closed due to reaching capacity) .

Q5: What is the […]

Teacher Spotlight – Mr. Nick Yund

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We recently had the opportunity to speak to PALCS Middle School History teacher, Mr. Nick Yund who has been working at PALCS since 2014. Before working as, a Middle School History Teacher, Mr. Yund was our 9th grade Academic Advisor.

Our Academic Advisors are mainly responsible for providing educational guidance and assistance to students who may be struggling academically with their grades as well as assisting students in recommending the appropriate courses.

Mr. Yund explained, “this was a tough job, but it enabled me to apply for the Middle School History teaching position that opened up the following summer.” This year is his fourth year teaching 7th and 8th grade History.

Mr. Yund was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Middle Level Education- Social Studies with a History Dual major from La Roche College. During his summer breaks through college he enjoyed working at a daycare close to his home. Mr. Yund’s certifications include, Instructional 1: Grades 4-6 (all subjects), Social Studies 7-12, and Citizenship 7-12. In the next five years Mr. Yund would like to obtain a Master’s Degree in something important such as Slam Poetry, The Rich History of Dutch Textiles, or maybe a Principal Certification.

After graduating high school Nick joined the Army where he spent 4 years driving tanks and he was deployed to Iraq twice. He told us, “driving the tanks was awesome, but I always had a passion for children.” When he got out of the Army he was an EMT until finally PALCS became his first professional job after leaving the service.

“PALCS provided me with the opportunity to get my foot in the door at a school and then quickly move into a teaching position. […]

Student Spotlight: Janis A. Bady

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Meet 7th grade PALCS student and CPFA dancer, Janis Bady.

The Bady family moved from Bloomington, Minnesota to West Chester, Pennsylvania about 8 years ago. They joined PALCS when Janis was in first grade and her brother Jaremy was in 6th grade. Every year since, Janis has been on the honor roll! She loves science and history, and hanging with her friends at the dance studio.

Janis is the youngest of four siblings and the only girl in her family. “We are a very close family,” Mrs. Bady explains. “Growing up, Janis spent most of her time watching her older brothers play on football fields and basketball courts. She would tell me she never wants to play sports, so I was excited to introduce her to my joy – dancing,” Mrs. Bady continues.

Janis has been dancing since she was five years old. It began with tap, and now she takes ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop classes. Between CPFA and the Balance Dance Center in Exton, she trains 15 hours each week.

Janis and her brother Jaremy have been training at Balance Dance Center for 7 years. They both are part of the BDC Junior Company and 1 Luv Hip Hop Crew. Both of these groups perform around the region in shows and community service. Janis also dances periodically at her church in West Chester. Altogether, she currently does about ten performances a year!

“She loves performing and when she dances she is carefree and her heart is full”, Mrs. Bady explains of her daughter’s passion. “Janis loves the creative process. She gives her all in rehearsals and is not deterred by a challenging combination. She will work until she gets it and doesn’t give up.”

Janis’ studio director recommended […]

Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Emily Intelicato

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Meet Mrs. Emily Intelicato, PALCS Science teacher, scuba diving instructor, and mom to twin boys. Mrs. Intelicato currently teaches 8th grade Advanced Integrated Science, 9th grade General Science, Marine Science in the Fall, and Forensic Science in the Spring. Having been with PALCS since 2007, she has also held positions as the science department chair, and content area science specialist.

Before coming to PALCS, Mrs. Intelicato earned her Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science and Chemistry, and her Master’s in Education. “I have a passion for teaching science. I love to conduct experiments with my students during class chats. One of my favorite activities in class is creating mock crime scenes, and using forensic science to solve the crime,” Mrs. Intelicato enthusiastically explains.

Her passion for forensic science stemmed from her college education and watching shows like CSI, The New Detective, Matlock, and Murder She Wrote. From interning at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, “I learned a great deal about proper techniques involving crime scene investigation, conducting an autopsy, and the court of law.”  she elaborates. “I enjoy sharing my own personal stories with my students to show them first-hand how science and law enforcement come together to solve a puzzle.”

In the fall, Mrs. Intelicato teaches Marine Science because she also has a passion for the ocean and its creatures in it. Mrs. Intelicato tells us how she “[has] always loved the story of Darwin and how he came to his conclusion about evolution and natural selection.”

During the summer of 2017, Mrs. Intelicato took a group of PALCS students abroad to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. “I really wanted students to experience the Darwin finches, the Galapagos tortoise, marine iguanas, sea lions.” Her favorite experience on this trip […]

CPFA – Friday Night Cafe – Special Edition April 26th 2019

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Mark your calendars – Friday, April 26th, our very own Center for Performing and Fine Arts students will be hosting their Friday Night Café at 7 pm, at the CPFA Atrium Theatre.

Typically, throughout the year, CPFA students will host a Friday Night Café for the public to attend. This event is an homage to coffee houses and open mike nights, to showcase works in progress – music compositions, garage bands, song performances, comedy routines, and more.

This special edition of our Friday Night Cafe supports the CPFA jazz band program. There will be performances by the Middle School Jazz Band, CPFA Jazz Mavericks, and CPFA students.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit http://www.cpfaboxoffice.com/!

Advice From Current PALCS Parents

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Here at PALCS, we are so grateful for all of our wonderful families and hardworking students. Being a cyber-school, we reach families across all of Pennsylvania, and each family has their own story to tell and reason for coming to PALCS. Recently, we had the opportunity to ask a some PALCS parents to tell us about their experience with PALCS, if they have faced any challenges, and to offer advice to any prospective families. Let’s see what they have to say…

 How long has your family been with PALCS? Can you briefly describe your experience, so far?

Rasheena P.  – “A little over a month. We’re still adjusting but so far so good!”

Barb K.  – “This is our first year! Amazing! From our first orientation (which I was actually crying tears of relief) we have felt very supported by everyone.”

Trisha C.  – “This is our first year in both PALCS and CPFA, and it has been a pleasant experience. I was a nervous about giving Dominic so much freedom with his academics and he does fall a bit behind, (really this semester because of all of the New York rehearsals). The teachers have been wonderful and supportive, there is really a lot of help just a mouse click away.”

Fangqin J.  – “A year. It’s very good, teachers are very nice to Haozhou, when Haozhou need help from them, they can help him right away.”

Aileen M.  –  “We have been with PALCS since Lionel was in 8th grade. PALCS has had its ups and downs. Overall as a program it is very welcoming to students going at their own pace, and that is something that Lionel very much enjoys. However, the experience hasn’t come without its road bumps. The amount of time Lionel […]

“Why I Write” – Jalynne Leedy, PALCS 7th Grader

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Meet Jalynne Leedy, a 7th grader at PALCS. Below, Jalynne shares her passion for writing stories, and how it inspires her to follow her dreams.

*Full credit goes to Jalynne Leedy, 7th grader at PALCS, for writing this blog post. Thank you, Jaylnne! *

“My family has been with PALCS for almost four years now, and it’s been a pretty great experience so far. PALCS has made a difference in my life because it gives the option to work around my schedule while public school wasn’t like that.

I’ve been writing since I was about 9 years old, it started with stories and small things. That was before I learned more about poetry. I’ve been writing for about 4 years, and I feel like I could go far. I’ve had a lot of ideas about why and how I could become famous for my poems, songs, and books – but I don’t know if that’s what I really want in my life. I’ve started writing so many books that I honestly have lost track of them all and feel like I’ll never get to finish any of them.

There was this book I’d been writing called Abducted about a girl who is abducted by two young men after being picked up by some popular girls after school, who claimed they were going to give her a ride home. I let my mom read it and she was interested, she said that she couldn’t wait for me to finish it because she wanted to read the rest.

I was really motivated and uplifted by that and it’s been pushing me to my limits [ever] since. Writing is important to me because it’s an outlet for me and I can write when […]

USP Mock Trial Team Wins Regionals and Takes On States

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The PA Mock Trial Competition gives high school students across the state the ability to compete in a courtroom setting, debating information given in a fictional, but realistic, court case. This year’s case is a criminal case in which a doctor is charged with drug delivery resulting in death. Students are given the case materials and then prepare both prosecution and defense sides of the case to compete in the district tournaments and others should they advance. The Mock Trial competition allows students to gain public speaking skills and introduce them to our nation’s legal system.

Teams from the PA Leadership Charter School, University Scholars Program had a remarkable season this year. In January, they finished in fourth place in their divisions at the La Salle University Blue and Gold Invitational. Then the school’s A team finished in third place at the University of Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin Invitational. Finally, in a series of very hard fought trials against Devon Preparatory Academy and Owen J. Roberts, the B team made it’s way to first place in Chester County’s district competition. The competition is an all-volunteer effort sponsored by the PA Bar Association Young Lawyer’s Division.

On Monday, March 11th the PA Leadership, University Scholars Program (USP) Mock Trial team competed in Regionals at the Delaware County Courthouse in Media, Pennsylvania. The team, comprised of 10 students, took on Merion Mercy Academy for the regional championship title. In a match full of intense objection battles and competitive arguing, the PA Leadership team won, and is heading on to the state level competition on March 29th and 30th.

At the state tournament in Harrisburg, 14 teams will compete at the Dauphin County Courthouse for the title of Pennsylvania State Champions. The […]

Middle School SOAR Program

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The Student Opportunity for Academic Recovery (SOAR) Program is designed for students in grades 6 through 8 who are over the traditional middle school age because of retention, truancy, or other challenges.

“Over the years, we would have students in our classes who were over the traditional age for middle school grades (i.e., 16 and in the 8th grade),” Ms. Amy Sarno (Middle School SOAR Program Coordinator) tells us. “We felt that it was difficult for those students to maintain interest in school; after falling behind in their grade levels for a wide variety of reasons, these students often become demotivated, and the thought of staying in school for five or more years of school – until they turn 20 or 21 – is overwhelming and unrealistic.”

The goal of the SOAR program is to provide academic recovery in the form of a pathway for students to complete middle school and transition to high school.

“We realized that offering these students the same program of full-year courses wasn’t going to work, so we started to think of ways to accelerate the Middle School experience, while still teaching all of the content needed to prepare students to move on to high school,” Ms. Sarno explains.

SOAR courses differ from traditional PALCS courses. Each grade level will be completed in half a school year, accelerating the transition to high school. Content areas will be blended together (Math/Science, and Language Arts/Social Studies), while foundational skills and concepts of each content area will be taught in separate lessons or modules, thematic units and projects will use a cross-curricular approach, combining content from multiple disciplines.

“Students have commented that the layout of the program is more manageable; and consistent times for daily Virtual Lessons and […]

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