We opened our cyber doors on September 13, 2004. Since then, thousands of families across PA have trusted us with teaching their children, and we are proud to serve!

With this in mind, you can read below about our mission, vision, history and educational goal. Hence, you can learn about where we started and where we are going. Then, you may wish to further explore our FAQ to learn about how our school works, view a school demo, or contact us.

The PA Leadership Charter School’s purpose is to provide an academically challenging, knowledge-based curriculum, individually designed for each child’s needs. PALCS  will combine the benefits of a classical basics oriented education with the latest Internet / computer technology and the best teaching and learning education practices. By studying the lives and works of the great leaders in history, PALCS students will develop multi-cultural perspectives and a global awareness. PALCS will prepare students to be informed, responsible citizens with a global mentality who will succeed through mentoring leadership.

PALCS’s vision is to provide parents with an option for public education that tailors an educational experience to the unique needs of their child and allows them to receive that experience via the World Wide Web. The PALCS’s curriculum incorporates differentiated teaching within a strong academic environment. PALCS’s teachers are encouraged to develop their own curriculum, additional resources and alternative learning styles to ensure that each student experiences the pedagogy that is most effective for him/her.

PALCS’s policy requires that the parent/guardian meet with the student’s teacher leader at the beginning of the student’s educational experience and once a year to review the Individualized Program of Instruction (IPI) developed by the teacher(s) and parent guardian for the student. Each student will receive instruction in music, art, foreign languages and technology as well as basic core requirements to ensure a well-rounded education.

Unique aspects of the school’s vision include:

  • Individualized Program of Instruction (IPI) for each student. The IPI partners with the parent to provide each student a chance to learn. It considers the student’s unique learning issues, schedules and motives.
  • Live teachers provide lessons in online classrooms. This allows students to attend class and do classwork wherever they connect to the Web.
  • Two-way technology that allows for live classroom instruction. Also,  live chat rooms, live individual instruction as well as timely responses to submitted work.
  • Routine conferences for students to allow them to excel in an area or discipline.

Our History

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PALCS Student Body

Our Educational Goals

Our goal is to prepare students to be creative, natural and reasoned leaders. We want students grasp the concepts, forces, thinking that shape world cultures. Our programs of study teach students to solve problems both alone and, in groups.

PALCS teaches students to be skilled in reading, writing, math, history, science and the arts. We prepare students for success, whether they continue higher education or enter the work force. Our emphasis on computer skills gives students the tools needed to address the unique career and global prospects facing them after graduation.

PALCS’ goals include:

  • higher standardized test scores

  • improve the worth of performance-based reviews

  • improve student attendance

  • high graduation rates

  • superior teacher training


Teachers design their lessons and curriculum. Teachers also receive regular training to enhance our student’s experiences. Their final aims are:

  • Increase students subject matter knowledge

  • Enhance motivation and morale for students

  • Personalize each lesson

  • Student success and graduation

PALCS evaluates each student twice annually to ensure the student meets state standards. Through routine online conferences, students connect with their peers and network in their core and elective subjects.

We provide students who have problems with extra tools and tutoring to keep them current with their peers. A guidance counselor directs this. Frequent grading gives instant feedback for parents on their student’s work. Regular emails between teacher and parent/guardian give lessons to focus efforts and overcome glitches in school work.

Finally, the goal of PALCS is to nurture the natural curiosity of children. We want to instill the joy of learning and inspire students to a lifelong fascination with their potential and their world.

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