Happy Summer! School is out and the summer has arrived, but what will you do with kids to keep them busy and feed their creative minds? Use your imagination! Not only is there so much to do in the summer, but a lot of summer activities are affordable or even free!

  1. Build a fort! That’s right, an old fashioned living room fort equipped with enough pillows and blankets to make you forget that you are sitting on the living room floor! String some lights through there and bring some activities with you for an afternoon of unforgettable fun!
  2. Plan a picnic. Dig out the old picnic basket. Don’t have one? A bag will do fine. Make some sandwiches, pack some healthy snacks and drinks, and do not under any circumstance forget the Frisbee!
  3. Run a lemonade stand. Sure to make any commuter do a double take and reminisce about their childhood summer days, making it nearly impossible to pass up without grabbing a 50 cent cup. Make a sign, grab a table, some chairs, make sure to bring all the ingredients, and don’t forget a smile!
  4. Make a dream board! Make a list of you goals and dreams you hope to reach. Gather some magazines, newspapers, and pictures. You will need some scissors and a poster board! Don’t forget the glue and your imagination! Now think about next year or even 10 years from now. Think about what you want to accomplish and do, who you want to be and what inspires you. Now get to cutting and pasting anything on the board that inspires you to reach those goals and dreams you listed.
  5. Head to a local farmers market. During this time of year you will notice more and more farmers markets popping up all around the neighborhood. What better place to get the healthiest and freshest ingredients than a local farmers market. You can even make it a learning experience for the kids: count the fruits and vegetables, how many tomatoes are in the basket? Let the kids count out the money and choose what payment combination to use. Not only are they learning, but they are relating it to a fun real-world experience!
  6. Make a scrapbook. Reminisce on what a great school year it’s been and gather materials from all you favorite memories and make a scrapbook. Did you go on any field trips, dances or onsite activities? Add some pictures and materials from those fun times and make a collage!
  7. Go on a nature walk. Have you ever played “I Spy”? What better time than on a hike through nature? Maybe you spy a pink flower or maybe it is a specific kind of tree; either way, once again, this could be a wonderful and healthy learning experience to get the family outside away from the everyday distractions.
  8. Volunteer. There are always volunteer opportunities within communities and organizations that need help. Whether it is helping to plant a community garden or cleaning up a community park. Do you like animals? Animal shelters can always use more help. Go out and get involved in the community and give back!
  9. Plan a “staycation”! Put up a tent in the backyard, fill it with your favorite blankets and pillows, and don’t forget a flashlight and lantern. Come prepared with some snacks and some stories to share. You can even look to the stars to try to identify some constellations in the sky!
  10. Head to the park. When is the last time you went on a swing? It is just as fun as you remember and just as free! Get a group of friends together and have a monkey bars contest, who can hang on the longest? Make sure to go down the slide at least once!

Most importantly, we want you to have a fun and safe summer with your family and friends, make memories and make every moment count. Take this time to relax and reflect on all the hard work you did this past school year and prepare yourself for another great year! We will be working hard all summer to ensure the 2017-2018 school year is a success!