Happy almost summer!
As the school year comes to an end, the excitement for summer is building! The year was long, the responsibilities and the schedules were exhausting, but you did it!

We are sure many of you are thinking what will we do to keep our kids busy this summer? What activities are affordable, creative and fun for everyone? Too help make this a summer one you will never forget, we have some fun and engaging activity suggestions.

1. Plan a Picnic. Dig out an old picnic basket or a bag of your choice, perhaps a blanket or a towel to sit on. Make some sandwiches, pack some healthy snacks or some fruit, and don’t forget some refreshing water or juice! Find a park that’s close by, perhaps you could ride your bikes or walk there. Bring along a Frisbee, kickball and of course your wonderful friends and family. Remember to take home your trash.

2. Visit the Zoo. There is nothing better than a summer day visiting the zoo. Put on your favorite hat, zoo animal shirt and sunglasses for a wonderful and educational day. Some zoo’s offer discount tickets on certain days. Take some pictures and share them with us!

3. Camp out in your backyard. No time for a weekend away?That’s not a problem. Get ready for a night of campfire stories and s’mores with the family! Grab your sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, pitch a tent and camp out right in your own backyard for a night! What’s your favorite summer treat?

4. See a free concert or movie in the park. Check out your nearest park or townships website for any free summer activities, that include movies, music concerts and family friendly festivals.

5. Sidewalk Painting. Time to let the true artist in you show. Grab a bag of balloons and some liquid chalk to make unforgettable abstract art! All you have to do is mix up liquid chalk from food coloring, cornstarch and water. Next, fill the balloons and watch the colors pop as the balloons burst on the ground!

6. Nature Scavenger Hunt. Summer is the time where nature is constantly changing. Explore the nature in your neighborhood with a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to find such as, something fuzzy, two kinds of seeds, a unique rock, etc. and get a brown paper bag to collect hidden treasures.

7. Ring Toss. No time to make it to the summer carnival? With this easy and quick game, you can bring the carnival home to you. All you will need soda bottles or cans of your choice as well as mason jar lids to use to throw. Remember to be careful of people around you.

8. Backyard Bug Hunt. Go exploring in your backyard on a bug hunt to see what’s hiding right under your nose! A magnifying glass and a butterfly net may come in handy for this adventure. Be kind to any bugs you might find, they are helping your garden.

9. Create Paper Kites. Sometimes the best activities are the ones you create yourself. On a windy day, gather up your friends, and bring paper, tape and yarn to create your own kites to fly!

10. Run a lemonade stand or volunteer. A cold cup of lemonade on a warm day will make anyone reminisce about past summer days. Make a sign, grab a table, some chairs, make sure to bring all the ingredients, and don’t forget a smile! Perhaps you could donate your proceeds to a charity. There are lots of volunteer opportunities available through the summer, perhaps helping to clean a pond, park or other public area.

Most importantly, we want you to have a fun and safe summer with your family and friends, make memories and make every moment count. Take this time to relax and reflect on all the hard work you did this past school year and prepare yourself for another great year! We will look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

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