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Every child is different. At The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, we provide a unique and individualized approach to learning for every child.

  • Online public charter school for any K-12 students in Pennsylvania.
  • Ranked #1 Best Online School in PA for past five years.

  • Students log on every school day to complete online schoolwork.

  • Courses created and taught by certified, easy to reach teachers.

  • State of the art laptop, books and online resources are provided.
  • PALCS is a flexible, academically dynamic and award winning online school in PA.

PALCS by the Numbers

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Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School offers an online education option that fits your needs and schedule. If you are looking for a public education option that offers students the chance for self-motivation and flexible class options, our online education classes are a great choice.
Students throughout PA have studied with us since 2004, and we offer programs for students from kindergarten through high school. We are affiliated with the National Honors Society, and we offer state-mandated standardized tests as well as the SAT and ACT for prospective college students.

Flexible and Dynamic Learning
Even with online schooling, students need consistency to ensure that they stay motivated and retain the information they are learning. With PALCS, students log in from home every day to complete their online classwork — this way, they are engaging with the material and their classmates on a regular schedule.
In addition to standard classes, students in grades 6–12 can audition for our Center for Performing and Fine Arts. This program is a blend of online and in-person courses for those in the West Chester area and offers online-only options for the rest of the state.
PALCS has been ranked #1 Best Online School for the last five years, and we aim to continue to offer excellent online education for students as the world moves into this new world of virtual and blended education.
To learn more about our classes or enroll your child, contact PALCS by calling 1-877-725-2785 or filling out our online contact form.


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