Making an MP3 Recording with Audacity

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  1. Go to Start > Media > Audacity
  2. Be sure your microphone is properly connected and the sound settings are adjusted, then click the Record button and start speaking
  3. You will see volume peaks as you speak – this indicates your computer is picking you your voice. Click Stop when finished
  4. Click the Play button to listen to your recording
  5. To save, go to File > Export as MP3
  6. Give your file a name and pay attention to your Save In location so you can find your file later, then click Save
  7. You do not have to enter anything in the MP3 ID Tag settings, just click OK


If your computer mentions needing a file named "lame_enc.dll" to save as MP3s:

  1. Close Audacity if it is open
  2. Go to Start > Media > right-click on Audacity
  3. Click "Verify"
  4. After the program runs, try opening Audacity again


If your computer is not picking up your voice, try these headset troubleshooting techniques. Otherwise, please call our Help Desk at 1-877-PALCS-TLC.


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