Adding Multiple Scans to One Document


Teachers may sometimes require students to scan multiple pages and submit all the pages to Moodle at the same time. For directions on scanning files to your computer, view the scanning tutorial.


Teachers can create Moodle lessons where you are able to submit multiple scans, one-at-a-time, all into one lesson. Directions for scanning and submitting one scanned page at a time can be found here. To submit more than one scanned page to the same lesson, simply repeat the process to add another page.


However, sometimes lessons are configured so you can only submit one file, and submitting a second file will overwrite the first file. If this is the case, or if you prefer to only submit one large file with multiple scans, follow the simple directions below.


  1. Scan and save each page as an individual file. Scanning directions can be found here. As an example, if you have to scan four pages, you will scan and save four files.
  2. Go to the Start button > All Programs > > LibreOffice Writer
  3. Go to Insert > Picture > From File
  4. Find and click the first scanned page that you saved to your computer, then click Open. Your first scanned page will appear on the first page of the Writer document.
  5. Go to the second page of your document by clicking to the right of your scan, then hitting Enter on your keyboard. Repeat steps 3 and 4, selecting the next page you have to add to your document, until all pages are added. If you have four pages, you will perform steps 3 and 4 a total of four times.
  6. When all your scanned pages are inserted, go to File > Save As and save your file. Type a file name you will remember and make note of your Save In location so you can find your file.


Submitting Your Document

Once you have added all your scanned pages to one document, you can submit that one document to your teacher in these two frequent ways:

  • Submitting Your Document in a Lesson
  • Attaching Your Document to PALCSmail


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