Creating a Presentation Using the Wizard

If Impress is already open, click File > New > Presentation. The Wizard should start automatically.

If Impress is not open, go to the Start button > All Programs > > LibreOffice Impress. The Wizard should start automatically.


From the Presentation Wizard, you can start a new empty presentation. Click Next to see more options.


Select a Presentation Background from the menu on the left. You will see a preview on the right.


Under Select an output medium, choose Screen. Then click Next.


If you want, adjust the slide transitions. You can see a preview on the right as you click through the options.


Presentation type should usually be left to default, but if you have a timed presentation, you can change these settings. Then click Create.


A new, blank slide is available for you to add information. Layouts are available on the right. To add more slides to your presentation, to to Insert > Slide.


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