Slide Show Settings

Adding/Deleting Additional Slides

To add a slide, click Insert > Slide

To delete a slide, right click the slide you wish to delete in the Slide Bar on the left, and click Delete Slide


Changing the Look of Slides

You can change the slide background by clicking Master Pages on the Tasks bar on the right and selecting a different slide design


Adding Content to a Slide

You can quickly add templates for slide content by clicking Layouts on the Tasks bar on the right. Your slides will prompt you to add content.

To add a specific bit of content, go to the Insert menu and select the type of content you want to add.


Slide Transitions

Click Slide Transitions on the Tasks bar on the right.


Select the transition you wish to apply to your slide. The transition is automatically applied when you click on it. You will see a preview of each transition as you click it. If you change your mind, you can go back to No Transition to off the transitions.


You can modify the transition speed, sound, and how to advance to the next slide by adjusting the settings on the lower right.


If you want to apply your transition to all slides instead of just your selected slide, click Apply to All Slides.


Click Play to view the selected slide, click Slide Show to view your whole presentation.


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