Special Mail Actions: Folders, Deleting, Forwarding

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Creating Folders

  1. Click Folders
  2. Create a new folder by typing a folder name
  3. Click the Create button
  4. Select refresh folder list to see your folder.  Your new folder appears on the left.


It is a good idea to create new folders for each of your courses. This can help you keep course information organized.


Moving Mail to Folders

  1. From the Inbox, check the box by the mail you want to move
  2. Select the folder from the drop-down list, then click Move

Deleting Mail

You can delete mail by checking the box by the mail you want to delete, then clicking the Delete button. You can also delete checked items by moving them to the Trash folder.

Viewing Sent Mail

You can see all your sent messages by clicking the Sent folder on the left.


Forwarding Mail

  1. Check the box by the mail you want to forward
  2. Click the Forward button


Forwards are composed like regular PALCSmail, but you cannot use the Addresses button to address your message. To forward, you must type the PALCSmail address of your recipient in the To box. If you do not know your recipient's PALCSmail address, you can compose a new message, search the Addresses list, then copy your recipient's PALCSmail address (ex: ateacher@staff.palcsmail.org.) Then, repeat the two-step process above to forward and paste your recipient's PALCSmail address in the To box. The rest of the message is composed like normal. The original message is forwarded as an attachment to your message.


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