Composing a PALCSmail and Attaching a File

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Composing PALCSmail

  1. Click the Compose link.
  2. Click the Addresses button to select your recipient.
  3. Type the last name of your contact in the search box. As you type, matching names will appear in the box. Note that you can only send PALCSmail to faculty and staff.
    • You can identify employees by the word "staff" in their PALCSmail address (ex:
  4. Select your contact by clicking the text. The name will highlight grey.
  5. Once your contact is highlighted, select the To: button. Your contact’s name will appear in the box.
    • You can send your message to multiple people by repeating the process: search, click the name, click the To button again (or Cc or Bcc to copy.)
  6. Once all addressees are added, click the Compose button.


Type your subject and body. If you need to attach a file, do so now. Click the Send button when finished.

Attaching a File to a PALCSmail message

  1. To add an attachment, click the Browse… button.
  2. Find the file on your computer that you want to attach, then double-click the file
  3. Click the Add button. Wait for the file to upload.
  4. Your file name will appear when it is attached.  You can attach more files by repeating this process.


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