Sending Moodle Messages and Adding Contacts

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The Moodle Messaging system allows teachers and staff to send quick messages to students and parents that will pop up when the student/parent refreshes his or her Moodle window.


Students and Home Facilitators can send messages back to any employees and also any immediate family members. Students can message other students, but only if Home Facilitators complete an opt-in form.


Sending Messages

To find a new person to send a message to:

  • Click Messages... in the Moodle Messaging box
  • Click the Search tab
  • Type the last name of your contact in the search box
  • Click the Search button


You will see a list of all the matching names in the school. Again, students can contact teachers, staff and family members by default, and other students if parents complete the opt-in form. You can usually identify staff members by courtesy titles: Mr, Ms, Mrs, and Miss.


To compose and send a message:

  • Find the person you want to contact and click his or her name
  • Type your message in the box that appears
  • Click the Send message button.


Adding Contacts

Frequent contacts are people that display automatically in your Messages window - you do not have to search for them to send them messages. It a good idea to add all your teachers as contacts.


To add a frequent contact, click the gray "head and shoulders" icon, Add Contact. When the icon is colorful, that person is added to your Contact list and you can see their name and icon in the Messages window.


When your contact is offline (not logged into Moodle,) he or she displays as an Offline Contact.


If your contact is online (logged into Moodle,) he or she displays as an Online Contact. Just because your contact is online, he or she may not see your message right away - messages only appear when you refresh the Moodle window or click a link in Moodle. Also, teachers may be in chats or meetings and may not be able to respond to a message right away. Please allow up to 24 hours for your teacher to respond to a message. If you do not hear back from your teacher within 24 hours, it is usually fine to send another message.


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