Tracking Your Progress with the Lesson Overview

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Before using the Lesson Overview, be sure to enter each course every day to see important announcements and information posted by your teacher. After you have entered all of your courses, click the Lesson Overview on the left side of the page.


Set your lesson filters and click the Submit button to see your assignments. If you entered all of your courses, you will be able to click lesson names to go directly to the activity.


Assignment Due Dates and Statuses 

You can see the Due Date and Status of items in your selected Time Window on the Lesson Overview. 

Types of Statuses

  • Not Started / Not Viewed activities must be completed, unless your teacher says otherwise (example: extra credit)
  • Excluded activities do not need to be completed, because the teacher has exempted the student from that lesson
  • In Progress activities are not yet completed and need to be finished
  • Viewed/Completed activities are finished
  • Submitted items have been finished and may be awaiting a grade from the teacher


When lessons receive grades,the grade appears right on the Lesson Overview. Hover your mouse over the grade to see when the lesson was submitted.

  • Click the i button to see information about the graded lessson, like teacher directions and grade summaries
  • If available, teacher feedback will be displayed by graded items as a blue envelope.  Click the envelope to see the feedback in a popup window


Hover your mouse over the name of a lesson to see the activity type (examples: quiz, resource, forum.) Quizzes may allow multiple attempts, which will be displayed on the Lesson Overview. If you have more than one attempt available on a quiz, try the quiz again to get a better grade.



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