Understanding Your List of Activities

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Your activities are the assignments you have to complete.


Columns, from Left-to-Right:

  • Activity Description: this is the name of the assignment you have to complete.

  • Due Date: the date by which you must submit your assignment.

  • Status: shows you if an assignment is Not Viewed/Started, In Progress, or Viewed/Completed/Submitted/Graded.


Activity Description

You will encounter different types of assignments and activities in our school. Different activity types require you to do different kinds of homework. The icons to the left of the Activity Descriptions help you identify the activity types before clicking them.


Due Dates

The color of a due date does not indicate if an assignment has been completed or not. Instead, red simply indicates any dates that have already passed. The current date and future dates are black.



Depending on the activity type, new assignments can be either Not Started or Not Viewed.


Not Viewed assignments are resources you need to see, but do not require you to submit anything to complete the assignment. Moodle automatically tracks when you look at a Not Viewed assignment – it becomes Viewed. Certain types of assignments (Books) have multiple pages to read. They will be marked Partly Viewed until you read all the pages - then they will also be marked Viewed.


Not Started assignments require you to submit something, like a written document, a scan, a sound clip, or a quiz.


If you start an assignment, but do not finish it, it can be marked In Progress.


After you finish an assignment that does not need to be graded, it is marked Completed.


After you finish an assignment that does need to be graded, it will be marked Submitted until your teacher grades it. Then, it will be marked Graded.



Your goal is to do all of the Not Started and Not Viewed assignments that your teacher asks you to complete. You want your assignments to be Viewed, Completed, and Submitted or Graded.


Activities are usually posted in chronological order, so the oldest assignments are at the top and the newest assignments are at the bottom. Teachers design assignments that build over time, so you should usually do assignments from top-to-bottom, without skipping.



To start an activity, just click the name of the activity.


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