Troubleshooting: Chats

Chats push the limits of every part of your computer - your multimedia equipment (your microphone and speakers,) your memory and processor (it takes a lot of power to run a chat,) and your bandwidth (a lot of information is pushed through your Internet connection to your computer.) If your equipment is not set up properly, or if your computer has to divide it's resources between the chat and other things, you will have decreased chat performance. Try the following tips for improving your chats.


  • At least 15 minutes before your chat, be sure your headset is properly installed. Also, be sure your webcam is properly installed, if you have one. Call 877-PALCS-TLC if headset troubleshooting or webcam tips do not work.
  • Save and close all documents, files and programs running on your computer, except for the chat. This will help your computer focus on playing the chat as best it can.
  • Disconnect any Internet devices that are connected directly to the computer (example: Magic Jack.) Turn off other computers, Internet devices or gaming systems in the house. This will help more bandwidth (Internet signals) get to your computer. They can be connected again after the chat.
  • Restart your computer before your chat. If already in the chat and having trouble, clear your cache, then close and reopen the chat room. Restart if that does not help.
  • Power cycle your equipment. Turn off all your equipment (school computer, home computers and other Internet devices,) then unplug your modem and router, though which your Internet signals come. Wait 30 seconds, then turn equipment back on one device at a time, starting from where the signal comes into your house: turn your modem back on, wait for the lights to settle into a solid pattern; turn your router back on (if you have one - this splits the Internet signal across multiple devices,) wait for the lights to settle into a solid pattern; turn your computers and Internet devices back on.


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