Scanning with Spybot: Search and Destroy

If you think your computer is infected, STOP what you are doing and CALL the Help Desk at 1-877-PALCS-TLC.


Second to Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, PALCS also recommends scanning your computer with Spybot Search & Destroy.  It can function as a "second opinion" when checking for spyware or malware. 


You can run this program after running Malwarebytes or alternate Malwarebytes' one week and Spybot the next.  Do not run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Spybot at the same time - they can interfere with each other.

  1. Go to Start > Programs > Spybot Search & Destroy > Spybot Search and Destroy to open the program.

  2. Be sure Spybot is up to date by clicking the Search for Updates button once you open the program.  Select a USA-based download location for faster downloading.  Be sure all items are checked, then click Download.  If Spybot attempts to install a new version of the program, do not use TeaTimer or SDHelper.

  3. Once updated, click the Check for Problems button. Spybot will begin scanning the system.  The progress bar will display along the bottom of the window to show the progress of the scan.

  4. When the scan is finished, all issues will be displayed.  Look at the information that Spybot-S&D detected in the problem window. The red entries represent spyware and similar threats. If there are any green entries they simply indicate usage tracks. They don’t have to be removed, but we recommend doing so. The red entries represent threats and should be removed. Spybot frequently finds cookies for AdRevolver, BurstMedia, CasaleMedia, and Zedo, among others.  These are common and relatively harmless, but should be removed anyway. 
  5. Click the Fix selected problems button. This will then fix all the problems that have been found.


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