Clearing Your Cache

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The cache (pronounced "cash") folder contains all the files of web sites you visit. Every word, icon, photo, video, etc. of the pages you visit are stored in this folder - it is like you save every single thing you see on the Internet! The cache periodically deletes itself, but some files take longer to be deleted than others.

Depending on your website surfing, the cache can build up quickly. If you visit a web page while there is a problem with the server or if you come back to a page you have looked at before, you might see an outdated or error-based page from your cache - NOT from the actual website. The cache should be cleared periodically to improve browsing performance.

To Clear your Firefox Cache

  1. Click the Tools menu
  2. Click Clear Recent History
  3. Start by leaving the settings as they are, then click Clear Now.  See if the problem is corrected.
  4. If the problem persists, repeat steps one and two, then check all the available boxes (click the Details button if present to see the check-boxes) and, if present, change the Time range to clear to Everything.


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