Using Programs


startStarting Programs

The Start menu is the gateway to all of the programs on your computer. The Start menu contains a small list of programs, including your Internet browser, and recently used programs.


Click the Start button to open the start menu and:

  • Select programs or documents
  • Open the Help and Support Center
  • Start a search
  • Run a program
  • Open the Control Panel to view or change settings


The Start menu also displays the buttons Log Off and Turn Off Computer:

  • Click the Log Off button to end your current PC session and to switch between users.
  • Click the Turn Off Computer button to turn off the PC or to restart it.




Using the All Programs Menu

To find the software programs on your PC:

  • Click Start
  • Choose All Programs
  • Find your program




If you don't see the program you want to open but know its name, type all or part of the name into the Search box at the bottom of the left pane. For example, to find Windows Disc Burner, type burner or disc in the Search box. The left pane displays the search results. Double click on the program to open it.





Using the Control Panel

The control panel is where you can set up or change properties and settings for the display the keyboard, the mouse, the modem, a network connection, and other components and features of the computer. The control panel also provides tools to change system performance, add hardware, add or remove programs, and other tasks.

To open the control panel, click Start on the taskbar, and then click Control Panel. Your Control Panel can come in two different views either Classic View:



Or Category View:




Getting Help with a Program

Almost every program comes with its own built-in Help system for those times when you're confused about how the program works.

To access a program's Help system:

On the Help menu of the program, click the first item in the list, such as View Help, Help Topics or similar text. (The name of the file will vary.)


Press F1 - this function key opens help in most programs.


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