What are the benefits of participating in the School of Professional Studies?

The School of Professional Studies offers a unique experience that is not always addressed in a standard school setting.  For example:

How is the School of Professional Studies different from traditional schooling?

The PALCS School of Professional Studies differs from traditional programming in that it encourages students to explore their area of interest in a focused way. Most students have an idea of what they would like to do after high school. Once they begin this path, they may find that it is not the right fit.  The School of Professional Studies encourages students to navigate this path prior to entering the “real world.”  We do this by engaging students in a practical and meaningful way - through our certificate programs.  

What grade levels are accepted into the program?

The School of Professional Studies accepts students in grades 9 through 12.

Do I have to attend The Landings Learning Center to participate?

No, students may opt to participate in the School of Professional Studies remotely, utilizing technology that includes the PALCS virtual classroom and other virtual resources.

Can I attend programming at The Landings Learning Center some days/weeks and other days/weeks attend from home?

No, students must choose to participate in the School of Professional Studies either through virtual classroom/distance learning or cyber-blended (at The Landings) at the time of their application (for new students) or when courses are selected (for existing students).  They cannot flip back and forth between the modalities during the year.  Students will have the opportunity to revisit this decision annually.

How do I earn a certificate?

Please see our Academic Overview page.

What if I want to change my program of study?

No problem!  The goal of the School of Professional Studies is to help you identify your goals.  If you do not like your selection, we encourage you to choose a different certificate. These changes can be made after the end of any semester. You must remain in your current certificate program until the end of the current semester.

How does the application process work?

Please refer to our Application page.

Will there be accountability?

Of course!  The School of Professional Studies students will take all of the same state tests (PSSA) as students in traditional brick and mortar schools.  In addition, we encourage our students to take the PSAT in their 10th and 11th grade years, and the SAT in their 11th and 12th grade years.

What about socialization?

The cyber-driven delivery of curricula eliminates many time-wasting activities present in the more traditional school setting.  This allows for extra time for students to network with their community, and to engage in internships and apprenticeships.  Both the cyber-blended and virtual classroom infrastructures provide a safe environment for your child.