• University Scholars
    The University Scholars Program (USP) offers specialized gifted education curriculum to students in grades 6-12 both online and on-site at our West Chester center. USP is designed to maximize the intellectual potential of gifted and motivated learners, where individual achievement is valued and supported. PALCS students may apply for participation in this high performance/high achieving program.
  • Center for Performing and Fine Arts
    The Center for Performing and Fine Arts (CPFA) offers art, music, theater and dance instruction, both online and on-site at our West Chester building to students in grades 6-12. It is an adjunct, audition-only program component to cyber charter school that allows students to explore a well-rounded arts education.
  • School of Professional Studies
    The School of Professional Studies (SPS) is a certificate program which offers electives-based concentrations for students in grades 9-12 both online and on-site at our Pittsburgh center. This program is designed to equip students for their post-secondary plans while giving them an opportunity to explore their area of interest.
  • Leadership Center
    The Leadership program is designed to provide students with real world skills and educational opportunities that extend beyond the standard curriculum. Dedicated leadership courses and student government opportunities are available to all students beginning in late middle school and throughout high school.
  • Special Education
    The PALCS Special Education department works directly with the unique needs of our students. Accommodations are highly individualized.
  • All Programs