At the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School, we integrate leadership qualities into all courses. These traits are emphasized in the Leadership Center and are presented live through field trips, events, retreats and career courses, and virtually through activities posted on our school site, Moodle.

As leadership is a practical life skill, our Leadership Center gives students amazing educational opportunities that extend beyond the standard curriculum. The Leadership Center focuses on three areas where leadership can happen:

  • Personal Leadership: Taught in the Student and Civic Leadership Courses, and travel experiences at home and abroad
  • Small Group Leadership: Through partnerships with community organizations, group service learning projects, international exchanges, and our student government organization
  • Career and Organizational Leadership: Through two guidance courses, and a strategic partnership with our student government organization

View the list of Leadership Courses for more information.

The Leadership Center provides innovative classes that may result in an optional Leadership Certificate. This Certificate will appear on the official transcript, helping students as they apply to the best colleges. Through six courses involving experiential instruction and mentoring, students are equipped with critical thinking skills to solve problems and complete tasks and projects that help others.

To learn more about the Leadership Center, please join us for an information session. Visit our Information Session page to register. Leadership-specific information sessions run December – April.

The following video showcases students and activities from the 2011 Leadership Retreat:

In addition to developing leadership qualities close to home, our students also become Global Citizens by implementing initiatives in other countries. Students do not need to wait until after graduation; they can make a difference in the world now with our nationally recognized Global Citizen Program. Our award-winning Leadership Center programs give students real-world skills and experiences as authentic global citizens that will help them to understand how to be leaders in their chosen fields.

Email us or call us at 610-701-3333, Ext. 1120, to learn more about the Young Leaders Program and develop the young leader in you!