Eagle’s View Learning Center: Seward
1214 8th Street
Seward, PA 15954

Center Director: Lori Sheriff


The Eagle’s View Learning Center is not only focused on meeting the needs of individual students, but also addressing the larger concerns of their local community as a whole. When a nearby school closed, causing students to endure excessive bus rides in search of an education, Lori Sherriff, the center’s founder, wanted to provide families with an alternative that stressed academic curriculum, socialization, and physical activity. Lori had already enrolled her son at PA Leadership, and so she decided to partner with the school to develop an onsite location where students could access PALCS courses and receive in-person support, while participating in additional activities.


In April of 2012, Lori and her staff opened Eagle’s View and began hosting and assisting more than a dozen students every day. Because the center is centrally located in Seward, parents appreciate its ease of accessibility, and how it avoids long bus rides for their children. Working parents find Eagle’s View an excellent option to provide their younger cyber students with proper supervision and their older students with academic guidance. Additionally, students working jobs, involved in extracurricular activities, or sports in their home district value the center’s flexibility.

Support and Socialization

The staff at Eagle’s View takes a very hands on approach to working with their students. They are readily available to answer questions about high school math assignments, or walk an elementary student through her spelling homework. But the center offers much more than simply educational support; they also provide students with opportunities to attend field trips, social activities, and events. Physical fitness is also highlighted, as the students are taken daily to a nearby gym for activities and further socialization. These types of activities are vital to the students’ social growth and maturity.

Student Success

Since the center’s inception, Lori has seen many examples of students who have profited from attending. She cites, for instance, the case of one elementary student, picked on in his home district for his weight, who struggled academically and suffered due to the school’s cutbacks on physical activity. While attending Eagle’s View, not only did his grades improve, but he also benefitted from the center’s daily gym exercises and social activities. Other students, who were not getting the necessary attention from teachers in their home districts, began to excel once they enrolled in PALCS and started working with the staff at Eagle’s View.