1. Apply: For your convenience, you can complete an application online or request one by U.S. Mail. Submit your student’s registration and any other required documentation. (A list of required documentation is available with the online or mailed version of your registration.)
  2. Schedule: Attend an Orientation at your convenience. Orientations take place in our West Chester or Pittsburgh offices, or potentially other locations by appointment. Enrolling students along with their parent/guardian are required to attend the orientation. The time between receipt of your registration information and your orientation is dependent on our volume of applications. Our process is streamlined to help minimize delay. You can help by reviewing the list of required documents and having them ready to submit.
  3. Enroll: Typically children become official PALCS students on the day of the orientation. Students receive school materials at the orientation. It is important to certify that your child is officially enrolled at PALCS before withdrawing from your current school district.

For more information, please feel free to call 1-877-PALCS-TLC.